26 March 2011

SON CATS - O'DELL / 1971 7''

The coasts have been pounding out more than stellar rock and roll for years, and will for years to come. And from both our coasts, and so many other places, come SON CATS. A two (sometimes three) piece from nearly every time zone in the US, Alex and Jasmine put all of the 'ooooooo's in groovy. These cats (no pun intended) put out thick rock and roll waves that drown your brain in a hazy maple flavored smoke.  The two tracks on this 7'', O'Dell and 1971, are packed with truck loads of pure energy. Without any post-production sort of static-magic, these two fill up a lot of  dead air with primitive skin-pounds, wailing guitar riffs, and genuine vocals. Combining folk, 60s psychedelic garage, and pure rock and roll - SON CATS piss excellence. Buy their 7'' from For Arbors / For Satellites or from their bandcamp, then check out the neat little animation/music video for O'Dell.


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