30 November 2013


 So, this little release is a bit over a year old and we all know that if it is older than six months and younger than 20 years then it is no longer relevant. But that isn't going  to stop anyone from sharing it with you. Sultan Bathery is a groovy little three piece from Italy. These three gents seem to be making some splashes here and  there with interviews here and there and blog shout outs here and there and some facebook fans here and there and today we listen to the band's first EP, Fireworx - released in October of 2012. They have  since been touring throughout Europe and a quick  overview of the facebook doesn't say anything about  any US shows, but if you find something out that I  didn't bother taking the time to read (let's face it, google is for information and this blog is for  music) then please throw it in the comments.

The EP starts with the title track - a little ditty with beefy guitar tone, simple and effective drums, and the oooo and ahhh sort of vocal dissonance that so many of you listeners out there have grown to love since its popular re-emergence in the early 2000s. It is a great opener that will get your attention. The second track, 'River raw', does not stray far from the jangle and dance in the first track - the entire fucking EP follows suit. Fireworx dips its toes in a lot of seemingly 1950s inspired sort of western rock and roll on the berge of psychedelic breakthrough. And for the sake of not getting all meta with this and that - these are some good psychedelic garage tunes that are all under 2:30. Who can get enough of those short punch-you-in-the-mouth-songs?

You can snag the 7'' from Slovenly for 5.25 (I donated more than that - I just thought I would let you all know that because I take philanthropy lessons from Bono). Only con to ordering from Slovenly would be the occasional e-mail that I choose not to read and then have to take time to delete. Listen. Buy. Enjoy.