25 July 2011


X-Ray Fiends are a great three piece from Auckland. In great fashion they (Kieran Ruffles, Antony Pike, and Callum Rooney) have fused together some electrifying surfin' guitar and some oh so psychedelic bass grooves all on top of some slammin' beats. It's easy to hear influences of Link Wray or Dick Dale, The Stooges, and a new favourite among a lot of us - Wooden Shjips (check out their facebook, and you'll see these influences too). Right now, they have two releases out, both released this Summer Season. The first, simply titled DEMO, is a lo-fi raw collection of four songs geared to make you move. Their second, Tsunami EP which was  released just yesterday, is a most fitting sequel and was recorded live. Tight knit live recordings are what we die for! Give these guys a listen and download their demo for FREE and donate a buck to get their equally awesome EP. And if you happen to be anywhere near Auckland, give them your eyes and ears and maybe a few bucks.


17 July 2011


Saw this one on Ongakubaka and needed to share it with you.

PSYCHICH BLOOD is a three piece from  Holyoke who used to be called The Deceivers - which is better? These guys mix up some gnarly moving noisey post-punk space grunge that is a little reminiscent of WIDDERSHINS . Their tumblr has all sorts of neat pictures and little news feeds about what they have been doing all summer, and to put it in a nut shell: They released a demo cassette titled Leaves -it features four songs (available through e.mail and as one would assume, a paypal contribution), are currently waiting for the pressing of a 7'' titled STRAIN and will be recording for a full length LP at the end of their summer tour. Again, soundcloud isn't as awesome as other music hosting sites; but you can snag a listen to the tunes from their awaited 7'' and they will drift you into a celestial atmosphere - though no worries, you will escape when the songs are through. They also have a complete stream of their cassette demo Leaves up on soundcloud. If their live performance is anything like the recorded (let's hope that the recorded is a live recording, sounds as though it could be) then you should be in for a pretty good show. Check out their tumblr to see when they are in a city near you, and download their music FOR FREE!









PART ONE : The Demon Beat, a three piece band from West Virginia, have been steadily putting out tunes since oh seven and have kept it consistently produced. Their sound - a breed of raw blues, rock, and stoner jam session -  seems to be progressively been leaning towards the indie side of the spectrum; the genre, not the DIY definition that leaves it's artists feeling stronger and more able'd because of their disassociation with the corporate music industry. So, here are some of their earlier more heart-felt and hungry tunes on their selt-titled EP (their second release). The opening track Bad Man is heavily blues influenced and will get a toe or two tappin'...in fact the entire album's feel is established through the first track - you'll get some slower portions in which their front man laments about women and various problems that were established as general musician problems during the emergence of blues and roots music. Then you'll get some Stevie Ray Vaughan - esque riffs thrown here and there along with some cooler riffs that don't make you feel like you are watching a cover band at a bar full o' douchebags. Take a listen to this EP and get it for FREE/name your price!

PART TWO: The Demon Beat, as described above, put out a split release with Caustic Eye Productions and Bud Carroll & The Southern Souls and it is believed that you may find this set of recordings (November 2009) to be better than the self-titled EP above. These songs can be found on their release 'Shit, We're 23' (we all know how much that really does suck) and you may find this release to be a bit more rockin' and raw - though still blues influenced. Download their two tracks from their split for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And you can buy the album these tracks are featured on at their bandcamp.


08 July 2011


The Sinbusters have been up here before, and we wanted to get you a listen to their second full length before it went on sale, but that didn't happen....oh well...forgetful minds. Well, these kids (who are like the cousins twice removed of the children that Thee Oh Sees and The Stooges had, despite the fact they are from different eras, age is justa numba babeh) are back with a most excellent sequel to their hard hitting, loud, and upbeat garage/punk. Remember how your grandmother listened to Buddy Holly? Take that and speed 'er up by a handful of BPMs, put in some feedback, drown those lyrics and throw 'em in the background, get your feet moving, and you got The Sinbusters.  Here's another perk to this release, all songs are under 2:15; perfect for a lively crowd with short attention spans and bursts of energy to expel. Though you aren't going to get this one for free, 4.99 is not a bad price for raw rock and roll energy! Plus these guys tour often; no reason not to support their efforts. BUY IT! LOOK FOR A LEAK! GET IT!



Here's one you may have seen on a blog near you and here it is again. Catholic Spray, a four piece, from Paris France have got a great garage sound. At moments you may find that the reverb and delay on the vocals is a smidge too thick , but they have a consistent sound. Their guitar work, simple rhythms, and ooooohs 'n' aaaaaaaaaaahs show heavy influence from classic surf/trash/weirdo punk artists, as well as some contemporary favourites like Ty Segall. If you could understand what was being sang, you'd probably sing along, so instead just move your mouth and pretend like you listened to them before they existed. And for you true collectors, you can find their split cassette with Zyklon Beach at 7inchalla. It's suggested you buy it, but if you are cheap...or poor for that matter, then get their side of the split for FREE! Catholic Spray also has a handful of music videos hangin' around the web, and you should find them, then watch them and listen to them and love them and tell you friends about them and go to a show to see them.


06 July 2011


Despite how we all know that SoundCloud kind of blows, it is no reason to hide this amazing local three piece from you. Knife Fight; from Kerouac's Denver, CO (CLICHE HIPSTER FAG!), recently recorded at Wiener Demon Castle - the same castle that BLEACHEDBLONDE, The Lust-Cats of the Gutters, and The Conjugal Visits (who will meet the pages of this blog sooner than later and will be releasing a 7'' split with someone very special..hint hint) all recorded in. And in case you didn't know, and you didn't, Wiener Demon Castle is the ONLY place that worthy rock and roll in the Southern Colorado area should be recorded in.
Knife Fight, sharing their name with a few other bands...whoops, is comprised of brothers?...they sure do look alike...on guitar/vocals and drums, and the girl next door on bass. Having played a show with them, and having seen them on more than one occasion, these cats put on an excellent sweaty energy packed rabble rousing sing-a-long good time; if you don't take your soaked and salty shirt off at their show they sure will. Don't dismiss this gang of jean-vest punks, they aren't your average crusts who think they are musicians; these kids have some talent and heart. Their first track, 'my head is spinning,' is a metaphor for all sorts of great things! - A)drowning unexpectedly, though who really expects that? B) falling hard for that girl in gym class and not knowing how to deal with your horribly overwhelming hormones C) or being really drunk. Take your pick. Their next track, 'is this happening!?,' is a great follow up to the first track and continues whichever metaphorical path you chose, in fact, the third song does this as well. We just may have a concept EP on our hands here - being drunk and rocking and rolling. Through their catchy riffs, gang vocals, and contagious beats Knife Fight is bound to find your ears eventually...let's just hope they write some more tunes! PS If you find downloading individual songs and compiling them together to be a pain in the ass, then click that wonderful little DOWNLOAD link and get 'em all at once, compliments of DIE POP and of course without the permission of Knife Fight. GET IT FOR FREE! ENJOY IT! PPS These guys will be releasing some vinyl very soon! Look for it!

my head is spinning

is this happening!?

outta control


01 July 2011


Fun Guns is a three piece from Las Angeles, CA. They just self-released a 4-track EP demo (nothing as good as the DIY effort) and it's pretty slammin'. The first track, 'Swiftly, Idiot,' has a nice lazy surfin' blues feel with a familiar progression that you may or may not recognize from here or there. The next two tunes swing and groove with some classy 60s garage influence, but to be honest...song four - 'Calligraphy' - just might be a waste of 1:44 of listening experience; maybe it just doesn't belong on this release (four songs is A-OK) - you be the judge. These guys finish pretty strong with an oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing four chord slow jam. Also, as many of the artists featured here, Fun Guns has been gracious enough to let us have there blood, sweat, and tears for FREE. DOWNLOAD IT.

(LOOK! Some cute black kids with fancy fun confetti guns!)