29 April 2011


Here's another bluesy-ish punky psych band - Lil Daggers. These Florida cats are releasing a full length LP, though today we are here to listen to their 7'' that is released? on Livid Records(maybe?) about nine months ago? There is some complication as to where their pressings are available....google it. Lil Daggers starts it off with the title track and it's a nice psych/surf sound with a touch of Brit-rock (that is of course arguable)....and actually, all of their tracks have a real nice grooving psychedelic touch to them. If high end guitar guitar work and solid rocking bass lines are your thing, then please please feel free to listen. The mediafire link doesn't belong to DIE POP, but we will sure share it with you, but you of course have to promise to buy the 7".




Dead City, a two piece from Brazil, rock and roll. They combine some western swingin' guitar and big beatin' backbone drummin' in some slammin' bluesy moaning garage rock tunes. If you ever had yo' baby left ya, then listen listen listen. Their first track, Derelicts, seeps 'dusty roads drifting from barn party to barn party crackin' rednecks in the head with a baseball bat' from it's pores. Dead City follow that track up with a short haunting rabble rousing highway cruiser that, at the very least, makes your toes tap. And if you think those two tracks are soething special, then the last two songs will blow your mind, actually, listen to those two songs first, actually, who cares what order you listen to them in. If you got some garage rockin' blues, Dead City will ache your pains. FREE DOWNLOAD - GET IT.


28 April 2011


Besides from the plate of bacon, these gents seem to be pretty alright...and smoking is trendy, so eat this up. Newport Reds, from Red Hook Ny, initially, the band had a single up, and it nearly was good enough to merit a little write up, but we all like more than one song at a time. The band's FREE demo has four tracks, the first of which is a bit of a doo-wop-y serenade for a deaf woman titled Icesurfing. The second song, in the interest of time won't be talked about. Their third track, Cannibalism is Wrong is a some ear candy for sure; it's a short vocal prominent static dream, much like their last track (also the first track released by Newport Reds) Isolated Expectations. Newport Reds have  screamed, shouted, yelled, serenade'd, and ooo'd their way into DIE POP, now take a listen and a FREE DOWNLOAD.



Gashes, a band from Toledo (more information to surface later, it always does) gives us some 'out-of-tune,' trashy, lazy, horror, rockabilly, garage rock. They dabble a bit with some noise elements; ambient delay, and some reverb'd stuff here and there. If you have been dorking out to DIE POP, then Gashes will remind you a bit of Mountain Cult and WILD INJUNS. This band has their  ten-track album, Blood Letting, up for the great great price of....NAME YOUR PRICE. Again, don't be stingy - it is better to give than receive.


19 April 2011



BLEACHEDBLONDE, a three-piece from Colorado who are completely apathetic to accessibility, have put together a handful of noisy garage/psych/drone tracks and they are now available for you in a digital and physical format - physical release date is set for 05/01/11. Recorded in a sound-proofed garage and on a good ol' TASCAM, these three gentleman are a dark and haunting explosive and droning energy of peaked-out hi-end pulsing guitar riffs, lo-end fuzzed out bone shaking bass, and dampened nihilistic pounding drum rhythms. The lo-fi quality, intense instrumentation, and the delayed and distorted vocals ooze puddles of a raw and trashy power. DIE POP TAPES' first cassette is either going to make your ears bleed or give you a boner (if you are lucky, both). BUY THE CASSETTE, DOWNLOAD THE TRACKS FOR FREE, AND TURN IT UP.


16 April 2011


MEEEEEEEEEEEEEow! Psychic feline, a three-piece from Portland (does Portland breed musicians? or do all you star struck white people just think they'll make it big there?) sway in some delightful psychedelic swings. Recorded nearly a year ago, 'Tape' - the four track digital and physical release begins with the powerful droning and moaning 'Little Boats' that shows its audience the haunting noises that are soon to ensue. 'Sharp Trash', the next track, is alive with a repetitive bass-y guitar rhythm and some loose blues-y finger work that brings you back 50 or so years. In fact, the entire release will bring you back to a flowery, groovy, and existential era. If any of you 2005 - 2009 'indie' hipsters are reading, you might find that Psychic Feline will remind you of some of the handy work done by Caribou...or for that matter, any other band 'indie' band that has psych influence - go for it, make a list. Be on the look out for additional stuff from these guys (facebook says a 7'' this summer!), it's been a year since the last one. AND if you are looking for a physical, shoot them an e-mail and they will send you one lickity-split.



Community College is a punky chunky rock and roll band from somewhere around here. Thanks to their really vague name, there isn't much to be said about the people who make the band, luckily their music speaks for itself.This two-piece puts some heavy reverb on unrecognizable lyrics and their simple fast pace-ed bluesy rock and roll riffs, then they put some noise-y slammin drums in the background so the listener can keep beat. In short, it's awesome. Winter Sessions, their only release, certainly spits out a late 50s sort of vibe and some weirdo punk waves. If you are looking for something to sample at your next fancy dirty and dark dance party, then one of these three tracks is sure to get the kids moving around. DONATE SOME MONEY TO THEM. THEY LIKE IT.



This three piece from Spokane WA is pretty sweeeeeeeeeeet. Shelling out physicals through Aphonia Records, mirror mirror play on some psychedelic, goth, and occasionally 90s alt influenced tunes. If you have been following, their lazy 60s guitar work is very similar to BAD INDIANS, but a bit dreamier and drone-ier. The band has a few releases out - a single, two full lengths, and a three song demo. 'the story,' their first release really sets up the bands sound and easy to see how they work from their roots to their most recent stuff, though all available music has been established in the last four months and it would be strange to see them go in a direction that is entirely different. If you are into some psych-cinematic-resolution themed tunes, and chances are that you are if you are reading this, then please do check them out and as always BUY THE MUSIC, because if you don't, then they will just get famous and a whole bunch of late-comers will, and then you will feel all pissed because someone else likes music that you could have had months, even years ago.


06 April 2011


Got an earful of these guys from a very reputable source. The explosive sounds that come from  this band could fit into any this or that, or here and there. Bloodhouse sounds like a three piece/two-guitar outfit, but how sure can one really be? What is sure, is the gorgeous amount of delay, reverb, and distortion on yet another sexy and heavy garage band. Despite the band's name, it is hard to imagine a large amount of violence associated with these guys - more like rock and roll. Bloodhouse ride on a line that so many other burgeoning 'underground' bands are capitalizing - a powerful and loud mix of barre-chord'd-droney-punchy-guitar-riffs, amateur-primitive/tribal drumming patterns (that just might be MIDI...but don't let anyone know that secret), and forward translucent vocals. Definitely on the lighter side of the gloom scale, Bloodhouse makes the ideas of noise, drone, and rock and roll more accessible for the crowd that just isn't that extreme. The album itself is pretty standard to awesome;  Digital Village - a great introduction to the 6 song S/T cassette (that you can grab on their bandcamp) sets the bar with some high energy rock that is followed by possibly the best track on the release, Grave Mind. (But where's the tube-driven overdrive?! It sounds so creamy that way.) This is definitely a choppy rock release that you SHOULD get and CAN get for FREE...but share the wealth.


03 April 2011



Mountain Cult, from Brooklyn NY, mixes the pleasurable sounds of blues, grunge, and trash to give you their current two-song demo that includes 'medical waste' and 'overachiever.' They play a bit slow and lazy-like; at certain points it makes you wonder whether or not these kids can play instruments (but of course they can!) Though there are only two tracks for your auditory pleasure, it is certain that the direction they are going is good enough to keep some of you sticking around and waiting for the next release.

UPDATE: It's a pain when bands change their demo songs when you already talked about them. They now have 4 songs for your listening pleasure.

UPDATE II: There is now a 5th song. Check it out.