31 March 2011


Blanche Devereaux is another band without any contact information. Besides that they share a name with at least two other bands and a character from Golden Girls, not much is available. They are Dan Kurc and Greg Pothier. It's pretty apparent that these boys like some loud lo-fi tunes - their music reflects their taste. The first two tracks on their FREE release Siamese Twins (gotta love free, it's sooooo good) are perfect four minutes and 57 seconds. However, the third track Never Want to Know is a bit mediocre. Its reminiscent of Adam Sandler doing his crybaby-my-girl-dumped-me song in that one movie of his where he tries to get a girl and then does - the song is a little on the sappy cliche doo-wop side of the spectrum. Though, the band happens to sandwich this 'skip' between four great tracks, so we'll forgive them this time around. Siamese Twins has definitely clinched their spot as the last entry of the month. And as a little bonus for you, here is twenty five seconds of Blanche Devereaux!




30 March 2011


RIVAL TRIBES in 115 words or less:

Been listening to this band for a sec, but opted to not write about them on the account of the reoccurring native theme around here. RIVAL TRIBES, a three piece from 'Bermuda' (says the MySpace) are, in laymen's terms, pretty awesome. These gents combine elements of psych, math rock, and punk to form a loud orchestrated mess of goodness. Their little 6 song demo (downloaded as EP) is most definitely worth the name-your-price price, but don't be stingy. And no, they are not like Animal Collective or MGMT - fuck those bands in the ass. MTV does not dictate who owns 'sound'. Listen to and enjoy their up and down 6 track treble-y journey.

PS Check out the youtube video,  it actually looks like they put on a good show! Finally!


26 March 2011

SON CATS - O'DELL / 1971 7''

The coasts have been pounding out more than stellar rock and roll for years, and will for years to come. And from both our coasts, and so many other places, come SON CATS. A two (sometimes three) piece from nearly every time zone in the US, Alex and Jasmine put all of the 'ooooooo's in groovy. These cats (no pun intended) put out thick rock and roll waves that drown your brain in a hazy maple flavored smoke.  The two tracks on this 7'', O'Dell and 1971, are packed with truck loads of pure energy. Without any post-production sort of static-magic, these two fill up a lot of  dead air with primitive skin-pounds, wailing guitar riffs, and genuine vocals. Combining folk, 60s psychedelic garage, and pure rock and roll - SON CATS piss excellence. Buy their 7'' from For Arbors / For Satellites or from their bandcamp, then check out the neat little animation/music video for O'Dell.


25 March 2011


Bad Creeps, a band only known by...they aren't known. This allusive three piece (vocals, bass, and drum) have one release, Scumbag / EP, in which they destroy all 'sensible' taste any listener may have. In a horribly lo-fi style; Gerran Thurr, Joe Dobyns, and  Drew Uebel, recorded three songs for this lovely EP. It'd be real cute to think that each band member wrote one song each - TEAMWORK!

These three hardcore/punk songs that Bad Creeps put together are chunky, loose, minimal, dramatic, and charged. Though the recording quality is dirty and inaccessible, it is consistent; remember, musicians are well aware of how their music sounds. These screaming tracks tell tales of stolen beer(really, how could you?), some real bad creeps, and of fucking this planet - metaphorically? literally? In their anguished yells and shouts, it is easy to see how a couple bad break-ups, some shitty friends, and odd school daze can transform one into an angry argyle wearing, PBR drinking, ink stained youth. Or, how pissed a guy will get if you steal his beer; he may not beat you up, but he will yell and scream about it.  No MySpace, no Facebook, just three songs - three FREE songs.



Birds of Maya in 102 words or less:

This loud psych/fuzz jam three piece from The City of Brotherly Love have three vinyl release with Holy Mountain. One of which was a three song double LP. And, apparently their release Volume One is really 'important' to the 'rock history' of Philadelphia .These gentleman like to drone out and get stoney, that's for sure. If the stone and drone don't draw you in, then the quality surely will. Throwing expensive microphones and metronome tracked recording rooms out the window, these three gentleman (and a fourth on last summer's tour) show some real grit and energy through their dirty noisy recordings. If you like to bleed from the ears, so many of us do, then do not turn it down and do not stop listening. The wonderful world of the internet  has also been gracious enough to lend you some videos and a FREE download.




The Drug Purse; definitely on drugs. This post-mod/art/psych four piece from Tacoma seize your mind and twist your gray matter onto a white paper stick and then serve you to children to be puked up later because the tilt-a-whirl was just too much whirl. These boys put together some grooving tunes that are definitely burn worthy - a blend of blues, garage and droney psych. Though it has been a few years since their first release, The Drug Purse EP, the band is still out and about accomplishing some thing; in fact, they made public a couple songs that will be put out on Wack Slacks Tapes. The site also says it's coming out soon. It's been about 6 months since that news was put out. How soon is soon? And unlike some of the other youtube footage on the blog, this one proves to be evidence that some bands DO move a little bit while they are on stage, but not enough to distract you from the necessary? obscure clothes the front man wears. We are hear and listening, no need to throw a tantrum.

Sorry, there is no promotional leak for this band...yet. For now check out their MySpace, last.fm and youtube videos.


24 March 2011


Again, in the interest of time - Blue Jungle in 99 words or less:

Blue Jungle is a something piece band from Compton on Burger Records. Though we all are joining the wet and dirty lo-fi party, this girl fronted doo-wop/punk/noise do it well. They have put out a collection of previously recorded demos and singles available for free download and it's worth your time to listen to most of it. The first two tracks are heavy feedback screeching gems, while the last two are of higher quality and a little more like a 90s alt prom where lesbians were controversial but no one said anything because... because... because... WOMYN POWER!



In the interest of time, here is Unicorngun's Horsesniper in 69 words or less:

Unicorngun hace thrown all caution into the wind and put together 14 tracks of a droning, white, haunting, ambient  squeel and static. Stereo listening is a must for this collection, as Unicorngun have taken the pleasure of creating a little atmosphere. The band has a FREE download of Horsesniper and a cassette release that is limited to 5, and only 5 cassettes - they are Harry Potter recycled audio books.


23 March 2011


Saw this band was coming to a city nearby and if you happen to be in Boulder, CO this weekend, you should check out ASTROLAND on Saturday the 26th (Doing anything better on this Saturday night?) and let this band stroke your mind. Night Beats; from the pretentious and caffeinated Seattle, WA, have found a place here in this blog-- at the top of this page even. Scored their 7'' from a nifty little link (as should you, then you should buy the 7'') and though it's only four songs, duh...it's a 7'', it is definitely one to add to the collection.  H Bomb starts off with the title track and it's nearly perfect. To you, the audience who has yet to hear this band, beware; you may instantly have found your new favourite band. The first track displays what the rest of the others have--the perfect elements that you need for a spectacular psychedelic auditory experience: drenched vocals, a dripping reverb'd fuzz lead guitar, and moaning wails of a psychedelic dreamer. The only beef with this 7'', is that the third song They Came in Through the Window is remarkably similar to the title track, but don't hold it against them. This sort of thing is probably because they were looking for four of their best songs to showcase their talent, and two of the songs happen to be similar in song structure and progression, or maybe the the band is a one trick pony...with a pretty damn good trick.



11 March 2011


SNEAKPEEK is yet another mysterious band that seems to have manifested it's music from the thin air. Sooo...you will find this post to be slightly different than others. Considering that this band only puts up single song releases, DPT has taken the liberty of buying half of them, getting the others for free, and compiling them together to create a sort of demo. We'll just S/T it. SNEAKPEEK, a two piece? girl grunge/psych/garage band, out of someplace where the English language is spoken, is new to the whole interweb game and not having a soundcloud, a MySpace, a Facebook, a Reverbnation, or contact info(besides the contact link on the bandcamp) is hindering the band. Though, they could just be sitting back and looking for blogs about them, then revealing their self like it's some sort of magic trick (kinda like paper - Endless Summer...but it wasn't magic). Going back to their first release, WAYTOOMUCH, in December of 2010, you will find that the song is a trashy fuck you song, or a love song--they are both the same. Drowned in an echoing slime, the slow trance beat of the song brings you in for the first solid two or three minutes, then the band moves into a bit of a drone realm and sends the song into extra innings and rails the same progression into your ears over and over again. A month later (at least that's what the bandcamp says) this two piece, like SO MANY other bands, released an additional track on New Years Day...how fucking trendy. This track, WESTERN SKY, shows some production progression in comparison to their first single release, and though we will leave it up to you to decide whether or not the fuzz is paralleled, the chorused gang vocals are a nice touch to the continued droned out tunes. Probably in a decision to bring more of a genuine feeling to the music, SNEAKPEEK put out a third song and recorded it LIVE. MELANCHOLY HEART (LIVE) shortens up a bit, but keeps the same off key dual vocal harmony as seen before and what is seen in the most current release WALK ALL OVER ME (LIVE). This last 2 minutes and 50 seconds gets a little heavier than the other songs and it's apparent that this lady fronted band is in the works of creating some Vivian Girls style rock and roll, and not just because they both happen to be girl bands, but because they are pretty alright music to listen to. Listen in mono if you can, and turn it waaay up!




10 March 2011


Though this post finds itself nearly a year too late...In a fit of rock and roll rage, Dead Farmers-a three piece band from Australia, throw around crass upbeat tracks that are pieced together with driving psychedelic bass, sustained fuzzed-out guitar riffs, high energy drumming, and dampened gang vocals all layered to magically manifest aviators, sideburns and a 'stache on your face within seconds of hearing it. Dead Farmers put out like, as so many have written,  The Stooges (pre Iggy Pop) but crunchier, faster, and without out the pressures of poster-child-dom and money-hungry studio producers breathing down their neck; plus Dead Farmers sound better.

Apathetic to the idea of music that the Billboard's top charts brainwashes the public with, these groovin' dudes have painstakingly arranged 'Go Home,' 10 tracks of lo-fi art that times in at one song (two songs in their case) short of half an hour of pure arousal and is arguably a perfect set. The album starts with 'Can't Come', a familiar, yet completely foreign four chord progression that occasionally branches off into short bursts of trashy noise guitar that do not represent an inability to climax (as the songs title may suggest) but rather an everlasting feel good desire that aches to be long, rhythmic, and satisfyingly powerful. The pulse of the first 4 songs creates a frantic and polished sound that is distinguished by an emotion that can only be delivered simultaneously with the music; by years of failed attempts at assembling the correct combination of talent and dedication; by misunderstood appreciations for raw and dirty nights of striking out and having the lasting image of layers of stickers belonging to never-will-bees and has-beens, and 30-second permanent marker graffiti tags as your last memory before loosing your guts in the piss stained urinal at the shithole you just played at; by long nights in a small room sweating rivers of blood and sloppy chord transitions. The rest of the album falls in pace with the extraordinary introductory tracks, making 'Go Home' an album that belongs in all our collections. Unfortunately, for a band that has restraining orders against them (for reasons that you'll need to find yourself) their youtube video is not dressed to impress, the boys lack energy!!! Nonetheless, listen.



07 March 2011


02 OH Sophia - WILD INJUNS
03 I Went to Jail - The Sunburns
04 Hang Them All - Jay Reatard
05 Deathstar Pt I - MOONHEARTS
06 Deathstar Pt II - MOONHEARTS
07 Budget Love Song - paper
09 Saturn Five - Dirt Eyes
10 (horse bones) - Old Man and Girl

DPT-C001  -  The first DIE POP compilation! Start her off with a bit of some psychedelic influenced garage with two different rocking and rolling tribes of natives, slide into a 50s influenced surf punk, move into a little faster paced punk styled lo-fi with the talents of Jay Reatard and the MOONHEARTS, then jive to another lo-fi surf jam, and finish it up with three tracks that take you on a roller-coaster of sexy noisy psychedelia.


04 March 2011


paper(the moniker of Ryan Robert Jacobs), is a from the glamorous and dehumanizing LA. Like so many other bands, paper put out a release on January 1st of this year, probably wishing to jump on some sort of second decade rock and roll era...at this moment they have managed to leak their music everywhere and have managed to get a write up or two here and there. Though the promise of instant fame and stardom with a New Year release has yet to set in for these gents, they did produce a nice sounding release. 'Endless Summer,' the ADHD influenced album, starts with a killer introductory track, revealing the short lo-fi crunch and reverb drowned sound that will accompany the rest of 'Endless Summer.' After continuing to listen to the remaining 12 minutes and 7 tracks(two of which were covers), it was decided that the band's merit will need to rest in their ability to create catchy noise/surf/blues/garage tunes for the sake of. The 'band' also put out a little avant-garde release in OCT 2010 titled 'pilot.' This release is a collection of music that was created by Mr. Jacobs All in all, paper is most definitely worth checking out. You can't talk shit about them if you never listened to them, so here is another FREE anthem for a 13 and 1/2 minute journey.