28 November 2011


So here is the moment some of you have been waiting for - The second DIE POP TAPES release! DPT-002 is a triple split cassette release with Colorado bands Royal Talons, Blighter, and BLEACHEDBLONDE. Royal Talons, featured here a handful of months ago, is a three-piece atmospheric sludge and doom band from Denver and their songs - nearly ten minutes a piece and the entire side A - are heavier than Rosie O'Donnell. They have put together some tunes to burn to, to drive to, and well...to fuck to. Seeing them live is also a great shoegazin' head-bangin' treat. Blighter, the first three tracks of side B, is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and this is their first time featured on DIE POP. A veteran presence in the Springs' scene, Blighter has finally pulled together some cash, popped in a studio, and released some decently recorded versions of a handful of their songs. Their tracks are a bit doomy, a bit sludgy, a bit jammy, a bit stoney, and a bit crusty. If you are down for anything relating to that, then we are sure that you will find Blighter's contribution to this split most excellent. Pulling the last leg of the track is the label's first band to release, BLEACHEDBLONDE. Despite the band's apathetic, loud, and trashy value of their first cassette, BLEACHEDBLONDE's  three tracks on this particular cassette lack a bit of luster. Though the bass lines are thick, the guitar riffs moving, and vocals full of hypnotic and absorbing noise, the drums are pushed back to a nearly inaudible volume and are very rudimentary. BLEACHEDBLONDE and DIE POP also have plans of a X-MAS split release with another Colorado Springs garage troupe, Cat Color - so if these tunes aren't hooking you, then wait for their redemption and new sound coming out in December. For all your true musos out there, if it not for BLEACHEDBLONDE, then get this one for Royal Talons and Blighter. It's a run of 150 and 6 USD; that includes international shipping! Use the bandcamp music player (located amongst these words) or our store to order. And for all you free loaders, did we mention there is a free download? Because there is.




24 November 2011


Despite the Robert Downey Jr. band name...or maybe the Art Brut song title, or the We Are Scientists song title, BANG! BANG! is pretty rockin'. Straight from Sydney, their first release, DO IT! was just put out a handful of months ago, a perfect time for these party punkers. Their first track is a pretty sensible radio-rocker that'll get your feet stompin'...in fact, their entire album should get your feet moving. It also comes apparent that there are two 6 string'd guitars in this band....no bass! Having a front-woman, you can definitely hear some Sonic Youth and (unfortunately) Yeah Yeah Yeahs influence in the mix, and it's trashy girl grunge done very well. The lyrics and riffs are all catchy as fuck- complaining about social inequalities for the counter(sub)-cultured, reveling in heavy testaments of the dedication to creating nightly intoxicated hazed out memories, bangin' beats of lost souls and post-punk glory, BANG! BANG! ROCK 'N ROLL is not a light listen and wholeheartedly deserves your undivided desire to swing, swagger, twist, lay in your own vomit, and of course forget it all and do it again with the small hope your brain will catch up with your experience. The album is up for a price to be determined by you, don't be stingy!



It's been a few bands ago since we have listened to something a little more experimental. Forget The Times, from Kalamazoo and releasing through Already Dead Tapes, is a collective wall of sound whose noise improvisation is seen through a rotating cast of available musicians with one permanent fixture; Sean Hartman. While listening, it seems as though this band typically has no more than four people screeching and scratching their way to the unforeseen and undetermined end to each song. The first track on Ver Dis Pond, Playing the Tornado Pt 1, starts off with some great ambient and heady noise, but then gets rocky with some off rhythm drumming (which is a re-occurring problem with jam bands...it's the nature of the beast.) However, it's not a complete loss as the few men quickly begin to feed off one another and get into a groove that continues into track 2, the part two of track one. It immediately starts with some raw punk noise energy, then slows down into some heavy sustained weirdness that reveals some sporadic simple lyrics, maybe a sample, that wouldn't be awful had they been through out the entirety of the song. The rest of the tracks, but one, continue the lengthy atmospheric feel with moments of loose math'd acid jazz. The shortest track, More Faster Than You Can Blink, appears to be the only track that could potentially be an organized structured song, but it's inability to wrangle itself puts it in the same boat with all the others, only much much shorter. Overall, Forget The Times, is a bit sloppy and the drums are much too loud, covering the unpredictable guitar tone (buuuuuut these things are easily fixed with better mixing and some permanent members in the band). So for some uncontrolled, wild, crazy, and loose experimentation take a listen to this band of rotating artists in Kalamazoo and buy a cassette, maybe download it for FREE.

PS. Fairview Island, the last track, is a delicious mouth watering treat of sense-less fuzz, feedback, and drone! Maybe listen to this release in reverse order?


21 November 2011


The Patterns; a three piece from Edmonton, Alberta, have been around for a couple seconds, but only a couple. Initially, I thought to share their most recent 'studio' release with you, but instead we'll take a listen to their live performance at The Hydeaway, which the band apparently got 86'd from after their show (side note: both releases are equally noise driven and brash. Check out JUNGLE BEAT). The 11 tracks, not including the first few songs they played that night, are just a bit over 30 minutes and are pretty true to how the band sounds...it's fucking live...but it isn't a good lead as to why these boys were told 'Never play here again!' With a handful of their own songs, and covers (play your own damn songs!) The Patterns put on a good show; it was loud, abrasive, trashy, and in the grand spirit of ROCK AND ROLL. There is even a bit of footage of them at this show - one, a pretty alright take on The Gories' Thunderbird ESQ. Through this little cinematic history, you can also see that these guys move around well enough to get a crowd goin'....but where's the crowd? A small applause at the end let's you know this wasn't just a practice, but it seems as though Edmonton doesn't know how to party, or maybe The Patterns are a bunch of dicks and that's actually why they cannot play there again. In either case, blues influenced garage rock is definitely their cup of tea...they do it well. The album is up for your generous donations, and make one - the sound engineer didn't work for free. AND don't forget to check out their April 2011 release, JUNGLE BEATS - it's what initially got me on board!



Megachurch, is a three piece (two bass...something I have always wanted to do) outfit from Cleveland, Ohio. Right now, these dudes have three albums out - two of which are excellent examples of the satirical and awesome approach to music Megachurch has. If you are reading this before you listen, then let me tell you what these guys are about. Of course, with two bass players one can assume that it's going to be heavy, sludgey, and full of foot stompin breakdowns. Though, these boys don't sing - instead they cut, paste, speed up, slow down, and sample sermons from this nation's greates mega-churches (living in Colorado Springs, a town with one of the most famous mega-churches, I understand the irony witty approach and message the band is sending across). Each song, dripping with the sermon's of god's soldiers, is eerie, creepy, and as a live performance is tight knit - it would sure be a shit show if they were loose and sloppy; it just wouldn't match up with the word of god spewing at their audience. Check out their first album on bandcamp if you are interested in hearing how this started, check out their second album on bandcamp if you are one of those 8bit videogame fans (the second album is the first remixed to 8bit), and check out the third if you are interested in how they could top the first. Listen to this fantastic instrumental grooving stoner rock and roll and buy some vinyl!



The Spyrals are a talented garage/psych three piece from San Fransisco, California. As of tomorrow, November the 22nd, you will all be able to purchase their latest 7'' - Sunflower Microphone. The first track, also the title track, captures a great spirit of psychedelia and transports the audience to a trip on a desert wasteland, searching for any sign of life while kaleidoscope visions of the sky cause confusion and wonderment. It's damn easy to find yourself rolling your shoulders and hips to this surf influenced tune. The song is a great treat, and if you like it then please check out Night Beats or Bad Indians. The second song on this newly released 7'' is titled Long Road Out - it's damn easy to find yourself rolling your shoulders and hips to this five minute twangy and punchy story. Some may find it a bit jammy , though after a quick puff puff pass and the extended guitar lead turns into a small journey on a river made of goldfish, all reflecting the rays of the sun. If 60s inspired rock/psychedelic with a twist of surfin' blues is your thing, spend a mere six bucks and get this 7''. The first 100 copies are on yellow vinyl. Open your ears!


20 November 2011


Recently got an e-mail from this new two-piece from Warsaw, Poland and they are pretty rad. There isn't much information on these kiddos, besides their location and that we've got Karol on drums and Daria on vocals 'n' guitar. However, if you listened to SNEAKPEEK (I know a good handful of you have) then you will have a good idea what these cats are pumpin'...some good ol' catchy girl grunge. There are only two songs up at the moment, but when they get things on cassette (which they are very soon!) then you, the great audience you are, will get 5 whole songs of minimalistic grunge-ness to drive around to, or maybe to sleep to, or maybe just some party tunes? Right now these tracks aren't fer free...but I may just change that in the future. Give them a listen!



The Shrills, a four piece from Callllly forneye ay, haven't digitally released anything since September 2010; however, their five song EP (with a bonus live track!) is fantastic enough to milk for awhile. They are playing around a bit, so you can't blame them. If you have been following the blog, then you may find their sound similar to WILD INJUNS; a little creepy, a little lazy, a little wierd, and a whole lotta.....right on. Their rythmns and riffs are surf influenced and straight from the adolescent years of rock and roll, while their vocals, drenched in a dated and familiar echoverb, sling about in a wierdo I don't give a shit fashion. Next time I take a girl to the good ol' Look Out Point, er Makeout Point as the youngsters call it, I will be sure to slide in this slimy and satisfying sock hoppin' 60s garage treasure. it's a sure fire way to get a little 'above the blouse' action. DOWNLOAD IT! IT'S FREE!


18 November 2011


It's definitely been a few seconds since a post, and despite all the handful of great tunes waiting in the inbox, here is The Faults. A two piece from Sydney (not to be confused with The Faults of the UK), these gents melt low-end fuzz'd out groobin' guitar riffs with abrasive vocals and drums to create a lovely heavily 60s blues/garage influenced sound. Since this is your second stop after *cough* pitchfork *cough* let's say they these guys are like The Black Keys (they have a few new songs out) except, uh, better! No traditional boring sultry blues lyrics or presentation here - it's got a hell of a lot more character. And you won't find any fuzz, delay, or reverb on this front man's pipes either! The EP starts of with a great tune (that some of you saw on their digital single release Quarter/Lucy) Quarter. It does nothing shy of show off their ability to get body parts shaking and twistin'. It's not a bad way to start off. Their second tune, Little Brother, slows down a bit from the previous, and strikes a little harder at some heart strings; punching at your soul. The chord progression may be a bit on the...generic side, but when it comes to ripping out some heavy blues, it's not a surprise to find some recycled material here and there. The third track, Lucy (from the digital single), brings the audience in again for a rockin' tempo with a fantastic nostalgic garage feel. The last track, much like the second, slows things down a bit. Though, unlike the second track it picks up momentarily for a bit of lyrical/emotional disarray...and fades out at 4+ minutes. All in all, this one should be a new EP in your collection, and guess what! It's FREE! So it can be a new one in your collection! Find yourself in Sydney...go watch 'em perform! Otherwise, feel free to give these hard working men a few of YOUR hard earn dollars. GET IT!