28 February 2011


VOYAGEURS; a three piece from Fayetteville, AR, are a current new crush. Having put out a few releases, all for FREE mind you, it's interesting to see the sort of lo-fi treasures this band is continually sharing with the world. Today we dive into their psychedelic space adventure titled NUDE VEGAS. This release starts, as though it seems, in mid song (thanks to a little post production magic) and though brash and crass, it slightly eases its audience into the pounding bass line and the noisy experimental guitar riffs. VOYAGEURS instantly bring a drugged-out psychedelic party to your brain, complete with hallucinations. Track after track; these three gentlemen lash out loud tunes that fit a mood/feeling that can be best described as a dreamy acceptance of the end of the world. Drowned-out in reverb and delicious feedback, this release will make anyone drool. How dangerous is it to create 7 tracks of epic livelihood and death slammed together like some sort of mutant created out of the green ooze from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.....not very. Take yourself back a handful of decades and enjoy this band's celestial journey through your mind. After taking a look at their latest single-track release (ENVY IS INEVITABLE) and that green youtube video , it is sure that the direction this band is going is more than stellar.




Though we've seen leaks and reviews of the Moonhearts' self-titled release all over the internet, it is time to see another. In the same fashion as so many before and after, Moonhearts (much like Jay Reatard or Ty Segall-Mike Cronin from Moonhearts did a little number with Ty Segall) cross-breed elements of folk, psychedelic, surf, power-chord progression, and the genuine natures of lo-fi recording to create a high energy crunchy rock and roll. With the average length of each song coming in at about 2 minutes and 45 seconds these new age garage masters(Not new age the genre), get straight to the point; it's time to move to some fuckin' rock and roll. With the vocals pushed back and covered in cassette-recorded beauty, the flawless and dirty guitar riffs and rhythms leave it impossible to stay still. There are some bands that are staring to defy the way garage rock should sound in this decade, and this is one of the bands. Though we all essentially understand garage and rock and roll as borrowed progressions and stolen riffs, there is a strong movement of appreciation for the rock and roll's beginnings and is soon enough going to be known to the MTV world as some sort of post-garage-rock-revival, and it's bands like the Moonhearts who will be leading this style of music to a wider audience, but by then it will all be way too "(INSTERT YEAR)" to think that it was cool, and we'll all be stroking some other band or genre. Nonetheless, we are in the now, and right now you should listen to Moonhearts--they are garage rock.

Moonhearts - Moonhearts (DOWNLOAD)
Charlie and the Moonhearts - Thunderbeast (DOWNLOAD)


26 February 2011


In a time where smoking herb and riding the a-train are as regular as a cup of coffee BAND INDIANS is quintessential. Unfortunately, now a cup of coffee is as regular as a cup of coffee. BAD INDIANS, the four piece garage/psych/noise band from Michigan (Yes, it seems as though American Natives and the state of Michigan seem to be a popular theme here. I guess Michigan knows how to rock and roll; we might take that as an ...insult? Nah, it just means Michigan is cooler than you are), are a busy little band and have put out a handful of releases in the last five years. Like most bands, their earlier releases seem to tower in creativity and  raw genuine psychedelia, though of course, any muso would tell you that. The first release found on the web, LIVE FROM THE BURIAL MOUND (2009), is a spectacular force of noise and garage energy that was recorded on a cassette 4track in a basement, it creates a fantastic blend of the best (and only) qualities of drone, the nonchalance of underground rock and roll, all in a clever little Native theme. SOUNDS FROM THE BIG ROOM, the band's most recent release--literally 7 days ago--continues to build upon the their throwback tribute to a day when rock and roll was on top of the world. Though the BAD INDIANS have graduated to a more polished approach to their recording, it does not take from their art. In fact, SOUNDS FROM THE BIG ROOM creates the feeling of accidentally walking into a hazed-out room at a party circa 1960s when you were looking for the bathroom, but then decided to stay because the kids in that room are far too intimidating to leave, yet not intimidating enough to force you out. So you stay, burn a few, and plan a cross-continental motorcycle trip with your new friends and learn the harmonica. Check out the discography, WHEN you want this music in your possession buying physical copies of any release is as simple as shooting them a friendly e.mail, otherwise spend a few less sheckles and get the mp3s available on bandcamp.


24 February 2011


In a classic fashion, WILD INJUNS have found a place on this fuzzed out shelf. Initially FROM THE SUN, WILD INJUNS burn a harmonious cry-baby-I-don't-care-I'm fucking-lazy-pout into the ear's pallet (metaphorically). Yes, harmonious. This 3 piece sound slings around some seductive trashy garage tunes. If you can't imagine it and just can't bring yourself to clicking on the iconic sideways triangle to the left, then picture your three year old cousin running circles around you and singing a taunting little diddy because you don't care enough to stop them from wasting all of their energy on a menial task. The band's front-man (another mysterious fucking band. You'd think that you'd give a little information in case someone wanted to write about you.) starts the release with a b grade horrorfilm scream, and continues to scatter his yelps and yips throughout the 7 tracks. The delay and echo in the second track, 'Dance With Me,' sends listeners to either a time when they themselves had a little pink or green echo microphone, or to a magical 50s high school dance underwater. In fact, the general attitude of WILD INJUNS - WILD INJUNS puts its audience in a greased-up hall with dirty floors, poodle skirts, and ducktail slicks; that is until you reach "OH Sophia." The mood changes from a sensible drunken time at the dirty-sock hop, to a grungy mod BYOB warehouse party where horizontal stripes and leather ankle boots become a blur across the beer, blood, and sweat stained cement floor.

PS The band has two separate uploads of this release, one at
another at

21 February 2011


Let us dive a bit beeper this time around and get some minimalistic-old timey-garage rock-blues to your ears. Old Man and Girl, probably a two-piece and possibly consisting of a dude and a chick, come from Ohio. Which city? Probably a small underdeveloped rural area, music like this isn't going to leak from a big sophisticated metropolis. OMG (for short...ha) blend some tube driven-spring reverb-ed delta-style blues with easy 4/4 beats that rest inside a nice translucent frame made of sustained vocal delay. Though, 'EMPTY HOUSE EP' (the only thing on the web from OMG and the second 'Empty House EP' to be released by a band in 2011) rings in with an eight minute blues influenced noise jam, the EP is not limited to one fantastic track, the entire thing is garage/psych diamond. Not only is there noise, but it's good noise; really good noise. Reminiscent of late 60s and early 70s 'satan music' (damn Christians), throwback music-connoisseurs will find these 3 recordings easing analog pains deep in their hearts. Cross your fingers for some more developments from this band....like a full length, or a MySpace, or a facebook, or an e.mail address, or something.



The 'Do America EP' (No, not like Bevis and Butthead, but just as cool) by The Sunburns, Johhny-Brent-Dillion-Douglas from the ooo ahhhh and eyyyy Michigan, is a solid piece of rock and roll. The band opens up with a rockin' surf song titled 'I Went to Jail' and follow with a familiar-esque melodramatic-like greaser staple that makes you feel nostalgic for no good reason at all, except that you can. The band then ends with a magical horror piece that is sure to get you lusting for those around you. Mixing a rockabilly sense of a true art/50s sock-hop(rock and roll) with a comparatively-pure style of surf, The Sunburns ooze a nice little post punk surf sound that is sure to get a toe, foot, or body tapping. ...Then, the MySpace was found, and how 'bout that, the band classifies their genre as garage/surf. Not only have we nailed them, but this band has 10 friends and 367 plays--that means hurry up and like them before someone else does....that means it's not as cool...that means now. According to their awfully discreet internet life, it is believed that The Sunburns have only played one show...again, that is the word of the web. Their EP was released just a month ago; listen to it, love it, take your date to 'Look-out Point' to it...just don't pass out on a classic 13 minutes of rock and roll goodness.Check out their tunes on myspace or bandcamp....or on that nifty little bandcamp player (and for FREE), and listen to this contemporary rock-opera/anthem-etic EP during your everyday mediocre life...change it up a bit.


20 February 2011


Eyes seem to be a reoccurring theme, but in the interest of not giving a fuck...on to the next band. Sludgy like Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' and bluesy like a contemporary favourite--The Black Keys--Dirt Eyes (not to be confused with LA's butt-rock enthusiasts Dirty Eyes) are an interesting drum and bass combo out of the glamorous Buffalo, New York. With an extraordinary amount of noise, Jono Benoit; bass and the barely audible screaming vocals; and Jordan Nittoli; the percussion, put out a stellar amount of sound that makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and somewhat.... sexy? Though, Dirt Eyes is not for light hearted easy listening/pop fans...actually, if you are keen on that scene, then I highly suggest their FREE 3track release 'You Are a Kind Magician, Indeed'; then maybe you'll learn to like real music. Dirt Eyes seems to be pretty elusive; one youtube vid and a bandcamp site. So, if you find yourself in the Buffalo area be on the look-out for a show of theirs. Their performance doesn't seem to rate too high on the energy scale (via the youtube video), but if you weren't such a stick in the mud you'd dance your little heart out to these groovin' psych/garage/doom tunes. You are now just a few clicks away from having new music.


14 February 2011


YVETTE, a New York two piece (Noah and Rick) out of Brooklyn--not to be confused with Essence Atkins' character on Disney's Smart Guy, will smash your ear drums. Reminiscent of HEALTH and math-rock BATTLES, these two bring on a wall of industrial pounding and droning sounds that hit at the core. Heavy with digital effects (though we here at DIE POP prefer analog--who doesn't?), YVETTE drown an unsuspecting audience with waves of echoing delay and reverb. Their chopped-up noise chants leave goosebumps at every beat. 'Vibrations,' the first track on the duo's self-titled 7'', is more than ace, it's ACE+. Turn it up and get lost in a sea of drone, but don't let your ears bleed, or tinnitus set in. These hard hitting men have gone DIY and self produced their 7''...so buy it. A digital version of their album is also available at the YVETTE bandcamp...so buy it.


12 February 2011


Eyes Behind, fronted by ex-Pussy Patrol's Marriette(no last name....go figure) and accompanied by drummer Zaza and keyboard-er Oliver, drag their grunge and psychedelic energy from track to track with catchy-minimalistic-fuzzed-out bass, tantalizing droned guitar riffs, and smashing drum beats. Searching through the cracks and crevices of the inter-web, Eyes Behind can be found on Heia Sun at Paris' Collectif Tralala--at least we are told it's from Paris; though, entirely beside the point-- and at good ol' Myspace. They aren't on last.fm...yet. Through the collective energies of MySpace and that cute bandcamp player to the left, the band only has seven audio samples on the internet. Check out the video, check out the tunes, and order their self-titled release through Heia Sun's e.mail, because it's the only way you're going to get this 10-track ear candy.


10 February 2011


Raising from the dead, like the zombie so many of you assholes dream of becoming, Jay Reatard and Shattered Records have compiled a little post-death collection for all of you garage fanatics--if Nirvana, 2Pac, and Michael Jackson can, why not Jay Reatard.

This collection includes:

1 x 7'' pressing of 'You Get No Love' and 'I Am Growing'
(Two tracks recorded in Jay Reatard's home just days before his death)

1 x Full length live LP recorded at the 2008 Great Plains Festival in Australia.

1 x Shattered Records T-shirt, design by artist Nicholas Gazin.


'Watch Me Fall' on CD or LP, mp3s of the 25-song 'Greatest Messes: The Shattered Club Edition,' The Reatards’ 'Teenage Hate,' Jeffrey Novak’s 'Home Sweet Home,' mp3s of the 7″ 'Hear/See' from Useless Eaters, and Hunx & His Punx's 'Teardrops On My Telephone.'

This is all available to you--the consumer--at www.jayreatard.com when you purchase a membership to the Jay Reatard Club for the low low price of 75$. Don't fret, you get all sorts of other Shattered Records goodies, but those 7s have not leaked and can only be purchased through the membership, and possibly on eBay. This all was projected to release on the anniversary date of his death 01.13.11, though as of 2.10.11, it will be 2-4 weeks before shipping begins.