27 August 2011


The Pupils, are a downright nasty garage three piece that do it like it should be done. Straight from that oh so romantic France, these teens (yes, teens) shred some hard 1970s influence punk garage rock and roll. Similar to The Saints, raw like the Stooges, and catchy like to the Stones, these boys have put together ten slammin' tracks at the beginning of the summer and they could probably milk these tunes for another summer to come (though we'd like to see more!). And if you checked out DEAD FARMERS, then this should be right up your alley! There isn't much yet to discover about these three rag tag rockers; a myspace page, a page to their label, and a couple little OOOOs and AHHHHs here and there. After seeing some of their live footage, it seems as though they need to coordinate with their choreographer soon, though let's not forget that these kids have plenty of time to work up a stellar stage presence for their stellar stage sound. Listen to them, and love them! We might get you a leak soon, if you are lucky and say please. And if you're in France sometime, look for a show, if not, give them some of your money. If I had any, I would.


26 August 2011


Here's some more garage/blues for ya! WHITE MYSTERY is a rockin' brother/sister duo from Chicago, Illinois - home of Bozo the Clown. They put out a mean and nasty full sound, despite their lack of any bass rhythm. This release, Blood and Venom (04/20/2011), is their second go and you can see why they were voted The Best New Band in Illinois by the Boston Phoenix. They're heavy, noisy, loud, and have a cassette (through Burger) release show tomorrow at Burger Records! If you are in the area, go and buy the cassette or their LP. If you aren't in the area, then you can surely click a few buttons here and there and make a cassette or LP appear at your door in just a few days. Check 'em out.



The Trash is a rockin' four piece from Hamburg, DE. Their songs are giant tracks that showcase their rock and roll hearts. Full of angst and sorrow; yet upbeat and moving, The Trash will surprise you with their blues rock sound - and you thought the White Stripes rock? Slipping in elements of punk and garage these gents have shown their understanding of alcohol, cigarettes, black leather, dark shades, and unkempt hair. Broken Glas Records, of the same town, put out their tunes, so check that out as well. These 5 short and sweet tracks came out just a few months ago and the band has a couple new members, so we may be in for something new soon - keep your eyes peeled and DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE.



Michigan's 4-piece, BAD INDIANS, put out another cassette earlier this summer, NOT HAVING ANY FUN. If you don't remember who they are, check out their other cassette HERE. This release is no less spectacular than anything this band has put out to date. Their ability to create great garage/psych rock and roll is consistent; they fail to disappoint. NOT HAVING ANY FUN is full of twists and shouts that will take you to an era when garage rock was it - one right after the other. If you ever find yourself at a BAD INDIANS show and you don't leave sweaty,  tired, and...let's throw in..smelling like beer, then you obviously have done something wrong. It's an awesome feel for the dwindling second half of the summer. If you have the cash, it's suggested that you buy the cassette, if you don't then you should just listen to this over and over because it'll make the band feel warmer inside...right there...yep...On another note, there is a FREE DOWNLOAD!



21 August 2011


Just found NOHOPEKIDS through...let's say a mutual musical taste. These three gentlemen, from Hungary, have brought some gnarly noisy surfin' 'tude to the wonderful world of the internet. Releasing bits and pieces since December 2010 through DIY bedroom recordings, they now have an EP - NOHOPEKIDS EP- and a nice collection for your listening pleasure. This release begins with a nice lil' diddy Lone Surfer pt. 1. It's an instrumental track and if you're paying any attention you'll notice this band is two guitars and a drummer - no bass. Track number two, Fuzzin' Around, also brings you into a great fuzz'd out surf daze. With their two guitar style, and heavy reverb/strong snare drumming, it's easy to see some J&MC or Woven Bones influence. The two tracks following are real nice foot stompers that'll get those toes a movin'. Did we forget to mention that these cats are also singing in english? Track number 5, Coward Cowboy ft Piresian Beach, has got to be the crowd favourite - it's a groovy early blues garage psychedelic tune that slows down the EP right in the middle...just so they can pick it back up with a distorted riff heavy instrumental that has a killer title - Fuzzocalypse vs. Mechagodzilla. And as planned?, the album does a bit of a switch-eroo and the mood follows in reverse and the EP ends with Lone Surfer pt 2. It's great to see the garage spirit alive and still panning across the world - we've seen in in Central and South America, and  the UK...now Hungary! Follow that link down there on the bottom of the post and download this brilliant garage/party punk/surf album for FREE!

After, this little write up was posted, we were informed that NOHOPEKIDS is just one kids doin' some sweet garage. And that picture down there is not band mates, but just good buds. In any case, enjoy the tunes!


20 August 2011


Here's another BEACH BABE band. Though, this time around it's just BEACH BABES (the previous band probably got pissed that this name was taken) and they aren't your typical surf tunes. This three piece, from  Asheville, NC are loud and heavy enough to pierce an eardrum. BEACH BABES puts down some hardcore/grind noise and not one song reaches over two and a half minutes. There nine-track release, titled The Great Wall of China, is filled with screeches, yells, shouts, transitional songs, and the occasional sample; making for an interesting audio experience. Beware, this is not a release for the easy-listener. Download The Great Wall of China for the wonderful price of NAME YOUR PRICE. If you're kind, leave 'em a few dollars - writing and recording music is not free.


18 August 2011


Despite how the whole beach party theme is DEAD, there are a number of beach bands still makin' tunes. This band, BABES ON THE BEACH, howber, is better than your beach band. BABES ON THE BEACH, a retired four piece from Canada (Is it true that the Canadian scene is better than ours? Yes, it is true.) whip out some groobing sing-a-long surf influenced punk/rock that will sure remind you of some of the work your local punk band does, or a little bit of what the Black Lips or No Bunny does...or rather, a lot of the stuff put out by the stellar Burger Records. So, for some rad blues/surf/party punk download this s/t? release by BABES ON THE BEACH. And if the beach thing is just too dead for you, then pretend you are being ironic, you dick! DOWNLOAD IT FO' FREE!!!!!!!!!!



Despite how COSMONAUTS are my (the first time I have made this blog personal) favourite band, I have yet to support you - the reader and listener - with any write-ups or leaks. Well, we aren't going to get into the leak factory just yet, because today is about a new release these guys are comin' out with under BAD AFRO. The title of the 7'' is still on the drawing board, but the tunes are available now! I saw this band of O.C boys come through my art-free and clean downtown just last summer - shortly after the release of their s/t cassette - and if i would have worn socks they would have been blown off.  After a stellar debut and an equally awesome follow-up, these gents are at it again! Side one of this little gem contains in its little grooves, Emerald Green. It starts off with a great little surf lick and then is quickly accompanied by the remaining members of the band to create an intro that builds great anticipation for a chilling and stomping anthem filled with a moving melody supported by strong back bones (the bass and drums, in case you didn't know) and haunted by, now familiar, distant reverb drown'd vocals.  The second track, Motorcyle One, is a great b-side. It compliments Emerald Green in the best fashion. Again, we the audio-audience will find our brains overloaded with fantastic psych/punk goodness. their song writing ability isn't that bad either. Composing songs for full bands isn't all that easy, and to create consistent sound within each album isn't any easier. Cosmonauts are making great progress in their musical careers, and hopefully we can all get the pleasure of seeing them in an art space or venue soon. For now, check out their newly acquired bandcamp (awesome points right there) and listen to their great music. Though, you won't find their full s/t up there...oh well. LISTEN TO THEM!..we'll get a leak later.



With some howls and screeches, High Arctic makes there way to the blog. This three, sometimes four, piece from Canada slings around some psychedelic, artsy, chunky, slow, and heavy tracks. Their latest release, Man Hair, is pretty damn gnarly. The first handful of tracks are like a heavy rockabilly version of Kinski - a bit jammy with some stoner vocals - that might remind you of Isaac Brock - matched with wild noisy fuzz'd out guitar work (Our front-man, much like the lead for BLEACHEDBLONDE seems to be the bands noise machine; a great role in any band), and the occasional math-rock breakdown. The second half of the Man Hair falls a bit more into the ambient/noisy/experimental realm, has a cameo by an un-named clarinet, and ends with some droning acoustic work that will probably put you into some sort of trance, making you forget you were listening to music at all. They have a myspace, a facebook, a live video, and of course a bandcamp. Check them out on your favorite social network, look for them at an art space near you, and download their music....that's right...FOR FREE!



17 August 2011


Rayon Moon, a four piece from Melbourne, Australia, just put out this release earlier this month. To create their DIY version of post-contemporary rock and roll, these fellas (Marc, Jordan, Ben, Gene) recorded the album here and there - garages and living rooms - and mixed the stylings of a number of rockin' infulences (The Stooges, Talking Heads, The 13th Floor Elevators..etc etc) to create an excellent weirdo-punk/surf/garage sound. Rayon Moon has some slick surf licks and toe-shaking beats covered with prominent I-don't-give-a-shit-this-is-rock-and-roll vocals. AAAAAAnnnnnd, with the title Rayon Moon I there is bond to be a Rayon Moon II. Oh, and here's another great thing about this band; THEIR MUSIC IS FREE! GET IT!

Check out that ass grabbin' and strippin'. DIE POP is gettin' a little soft-core.


16 August 2011


If you have been following the garage resurgence (though, it's always around) in the past few years then it is certain you have heard a thing or two from Mikal Cronin. Having done work with the Moonhearts and with Ty Segall, Cronin recently started putting out some work under his own name. This release (the two demos that are available through his bandcamp)was produced by Ty Segall on Trouble In Mind Records,and is much like his last 7''; it oozes with some excellent 60s infuenced rhythms, grooves, and ooooos and ahhhhhhs. Though it's on the lighter side of the music spectrum it's a fantastic listen. Couldn't find a leak, yet...it's probably out there, you just need to look harder than we did. This release also has special cameos by Ty Segall, Charlie Moonheart, and John Dwyer! Take a listen! AAAAAANNNND, if you don't want to download each song individually, because it's a huge pain in the ass to do that, then click on that mediafire DOWNLOAD link and it'll be easy as one click, two click, red click, blue click.

[FULL DOWNLOAD] Get it before it's removed!