28 November 2011


So here is the moment some of you have been waiting for - The second DIE POP TAPES release! DPT-002 is a triple split cassette release with Colorado bands Royal Talons, Blighter, and BLEACHEDBLONDE. Royal Talons, featured here a handful of months ago, is a three-piece atmospheric sludge and doom band from Denver and their songs - nearly ten minutes a piece and the entire side A - are heavier than Rosie O'Donnell. They have put together some tunes to burn to, to drive to, and well...to fuck to. Seeing them live is also a great shoegazin' head-bangin' treat. Blighter, the first three tracks of side B, is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and this is their first time featured on DIE POP. A veteran presence in the Springs' scene, Blighter has finally pulled together some cash, popped in a studio, and released some decently recorded versions of a handful of their songs. Their tracks are a bit doomy, a bit sludgy, a bit jammy, a bit stoney, and a bit crusty. If you are down for anything relating to that, then we are sure that you will find Blighter's contribution to this split most excellent. Pulling the last leg of the track is the label's first band to release, BLEACHEDBLONDE. Despite the band's apathetic, loud, and trashy value of their first cassette, BLEACHEDBLONDE's  three tracks on this particular cassette lack a bit of luster. Though the bass lines are thick, the guitar riffs moving, and vocals full of hypnotic and absorbing noise, the drums are pushed back to a nearly inaudible volume and are very rudimentary. BLEACHEDBLONDE and DIE POP also have plans of a X-MAS split release with another Colorado Springs garage troupe, Cat Color - so if these tunes aren't hooking you, then wait for their redemption and new sound coming out in December. For all your true musos out there, if it not for BLEACHEDBLONDE, then get this one for Royal Talons and Blighter. It's a run of 150 and 6 USD; that includes international shipping! Use the bandcamp music player (located amongst these words) or our store to order. And for all you free loaders, did we mention there is a free download? Because there is.




24 November 2011


Despite the Robert Downey Jr. band name...or maybe the Art Brut song title, or the We Are Scientists song title, BANG! BANG! is pretty rockin'. Straight from Sydney, their first release, DO IT! was just put out a handful of months ago, a perfect time for these party punkers. Their first track is a pretty sensible radio-rocker that'll get your feet stompin'...in fact, their entire album should get your feet moving. It also comes apparent that there are two 6 string'd guitars in this band....no bass! Having a front-woman, you can definitely hear some Sonic Youth and (unfortunately) Yeah Yeah Yeahs influence in the mix, and it's trashy girl grunge done very well. The lyrics and riffs are all catchy as fuck- complaining about social inequalities for the counter(sub)-cultured, reveling in heavy testaments of the dedication to creating nightly intoxicated hazed out memories, bangin' beats of lost souls and post-punk glory, BANG! BANG! ROCK 'N ROLL is not a light listen and wholeheartedly deserves your undivided desire to swing, swagger, twist, lay in your own vomit, and of course forget it all and do it again with the small hope your brain will catch up with your experience. The album is up for a price to be determined by you, don't be stingy!



It's been a few bands ago since we have listened to something a little more experimental. Forget The Times, from Kalamazoo and releasing through Already Dead Tapes, is a collective wall of sound whose noise improvisation is seen through a rotating cast of available musicians with one permanent fixture; Sean Hartman. While listening, it seems as though this band typically has no more than four people screeching and scratching their way to the unforeseen and undetermined end to each song. The first track on Ver Dis Pond, Playing the Tornado Pt 1, starts off with some great ambient and heady noise, but then gets rocky with some off rhythm drumming (which is a re-occurring problem with jam bands...it's the nature of the beast.) However, it's not a complete loss as the few men quickly begin to feed off one another and get into a groove that continues into track 2, the part two of track one. It immediately starts with some raw punk noise energy, then slows down into some heavy sustained weirdness that reveals some sporadic simple lyrics, maybe a sample, that wouldn't be awful had they been through out the entirety of the song. The rest of the tracks, but one, continue the lengthy atmospheric feel with moments of loose math'd acid jazz. The shortest track, More Faster Than You Can Blink, appears to be the only track that could potentially be an organized structured song, but it's inability to wrangle itself puts it in the same boat with all the others, only much much shorter. Overall, Forget The Times, is a bit sloppy and the drums are much too loud, covering the unpredictable guitar tone (buuuuuut these things are easily fixed with better mixing and some permanent members in the band). So for some uncontrolled, wild, crazy, and loose experimentation take a listen to this band of rotating artists in Kalamazoo and buy a cassette, maybe download it for FREE.

PS. Fairview Island, the last track, is a delicious mouth watering treat of sense-less fuzz, feedback, and drone! Maybe listen to this release in reverse order?


21 November 2011


The Patterns; a three piece from Edmonton, Alberta, have been around for a couple seconds, but only a couple. Initially, I thought to share their most recent 'studio' release with you, but instead we'll take a listen to their live performance at The Hydeaway, which the band apparently got 86'd from after their show (side note: both releases are equally noise driven and brash. Check out JUNGLE BEAT). The 11 tracks, not including the first few songs they played that night, are just a bit over 30 minutes and are pretty true to how the band sounds...it's fucking live...but it isn't a good lead as to why these boys were told 'Never play here again!' With a handful of their own songs, and covers (play your own damn songs!) The Patterns put on a good show; it was loud, abrasive, trashy, and in the grand spirit of ROCK AND ROLL. There is even a bit of footage of them at this show - one, a pretty alright take on The Gories' Thunderbird ESQ. Through this little cinematic history, you can also see that these guys move around well enough to get a crowd goin'....but where's the crowd? A small applause at the end let's you know this wasn't just a practice, but it seems as though Edmonton doesn't know how to party, or maybe The Patterns are a bunch of dicks and that's actually why they cannot play there again. In either case, blues influenced garage rock is definitely their cup of tea...they do it well. The album is up for your generous donations, and make one - the sound engineer didn't work for free. AND don't forget to check out their April 2011 release, JUNGLE BEATS - it's what initially got me on board!



Megachurch, is a three piece (two bass...something I have always wanted to do) outfit from Cleveland, Ohio. Right now, these dudes have three albums out - two of which are excellent examples of the satirical and awesome approach to music Megachurch has. If you are reading this before you listen, then let me tell you what these guys are about. Of course, with two bass players one can assume that it's going to be heavy, sludgey, and full of foot stompin breakdowns. Though, these boys don't sing - instead they cut, paste, speed up, slow down, and sample sermons from this nation's greates mega-churches (living in Colorado Springs, a town with one of the most famous mega-churches, I understand the irony witty approach and message the band is sending across). Each song, dripping with the sermon's of god's soldiers, is eerie, creepy, and as a live performance is tight knit - it would sure be a shit show if they were loose and sloppy; it just wouldn't match up with the word of god spewing at their audience. Check out their first album on bandcamp if you are interested in hearing how this started, check out their second album on bandcamp if you are one of those 8bit videogame fans (the second album is the first remixed to 8bit), and check out the third if you are interested in how they could top the first. Listen to this fantastic instrumental grooving stoner rock and roll and buy some vinyl!



The Spyrals are a talented garage/psych three piece from San Fransisco, California. As of tomorrow, November the 22nd, you will all be able to purchase their latest 7'' - Sunflower Microphone. The first track, also the title track, captures a great spirit of psychedelia and transports the audience to a trip on a desert wasteland, searching for any sign of life while kaleidoscope visions of the sky cause confusion and wonderment. It's damn easy to find yourself rolling your shoulders and hips to this surf influenced tune. The song is a great treat, and if you like it then please check out Night Beats or Bad Indians. The second song on this newly released 7'' is titled Long Road Out - it's damn easy to find yourself rolling your shoulders and hips to this five minute twangy and punchy story. Some may find it a bit jammy , though after a quick puff puff pass and the extended guitar lead turns into a small journey on a river made of goldfish, all reflecting the rays of the sun. If 60s inspired rock/psychedelic with a twist of surfin' blues is your thing, spend a mere six bucks and get this 7''. The first 100 copies are on yellow vinyl. Open your ears!


20 November 2011


Recently got an e-mail from this new two-piece from Warsaw, Poland and they are pretty rad. There isn't much information on these kiddos, besides their location and that we've got Karol on drums and Daria on vocals 'n' guitar. However, if you listened to SNEAKPEEK (I know a good handful of you have) then you will have a good idea what these cats are pumpin'...some good ol' catchy girl grunge. There are only two songs up at the moment, but when they get things on cassette (which they are very soon!) then you, the great audience you are, will get 5 whole songs of minimalistic grunge-ness to drive around to, or maybe to sleep to, or maybe just some party tunes? Right now these tracks aren't fer free...but I may just change that in the future. Give them a listen!



The Shrills, a four piece from Callllly forneye ay, haven't digitally released anything since September 2010; however, their five song EP (with a bonus live track!) is fantastic enough to milk for awhile. They are playing around a bit, so you can't blame them. If you have been following the blog, then you may find their sound similar to WILD INJUNS; a little creepy, a little lazy, a little wierd, and a whole lotta.....right on. Their rythmns and riffs are surf influenced and straight from the adolescent years of rock and roll, while their vocals, drenched in a dated and familiar echoverb, sling about in a wierdo I don't give a shit fashion. Next time I take a girl to the good ol' Look Out Point, er Makeout Point as the youngsters call it, I will be sure to slide in this slimy and satisfying sock hoppin' 60s garage treasure. it's a sure fire way to get a little 'above the blouse' action. DOWNLOAD IT! IT'S FREE!


18 November 2011


It's definitely been a few seconds since a post, and despite all the handful of great tunes waiting in the inbox, here is The Faults. A two piece from Sydney (not to be confused with The Faults of the UK), these gents melt low-end fuzz'd out groobin' guitar riffs with abrasive vocals and drums to create a lovely heavily 60s blues/garage influenced sound. Since this is your second stop after *cough* pitchfork *cough* let's say they these guys are like The Black Keys (they have a few new songs out) except, uh, better! No traditional boring sultry blues lyrics or presentation here - it's got a hell of a lot more character. And you won't find any fuzz, delay, or reverb on this front man's pipes either! The EP starts of with a great tune (that some of you saw on their digital single release Quarter/Lucy) Quarter. It does nothing shy of show off their ability to get body parts shaking and twistin'. It's not a bad way to start off. Their second tune, Little Brother, slows down a bit from the previous, and strikes a little harder at some heart strings; punching at your soul. The chord progression may be a bit on the...generic side, but when it comes to ripping out some heavy blues, it's not a surprise to find some recycled material here and there. The third track, Lucy (from the digital single), brings the audience in again for a rockin' tempo with a fantastic nostalgic garage feel. The last track, much like the second, slows things down a bit. Though, unlike the second track it picks up momentarily for a bit of lyrical/emotional disarray...and fades out at 4+ minutes. All in all, this one should be a new EP in your collection, and guess what! It's FREE! So it can be a new one in your collection! Find yourself in Sydney...go watch 'em perform! Otherwise, feel free to give these hard working men a few of YOUR hard earn dollars. GET IT!



27 September 2011


Either this cassette is titled Demo, or these guys have got it all backwards and are now releasing their last piece of music. In either case, here's another from Psychic Blood! Keeping their noisy presence, these boys have put together a handful of songs that would be the angsty offspring of a hardcore punk mother and a noise grunge father. As each song dives deeper into the minute count it becomes an adventure; the listener will follow through journeys of distorted anguish and mildly melodic organized chaos with a pinch of feedback and squeel. Sift through piles of guitar riffs for a heavier and slightly different approach than their last cassette - take a listen!






22 September 2011


Public Dims, a male 'n' female duo in crime from San Juan Capistrano, have a great psychedelic/western twang and swing about themselves and recently played with White Mystery (who I know you read about just the other while ago) at one of your favourite record stores. Their simple rhythms, both drum and treble'd guitar, along with lazy woe-some vocals make for some catchy garage rock. Call it surfy, call it bluesy, call it country, call it what you will - this EP captures an essence of rock and roll...though some of you will be looking for that important driving low end; the last piece to make a power trio. If you need a super catchy tune to get you started, check out their fan-favourite, Lorimer - but stay away from Head Cold Letters - it unfortunately distracts from the gut wrenching melancholy psychedelia through out the rest of this release. But you should definitely take a listen to the entire album. It's not gonna hurt to take less than half an hour out of your day. These cats are working on a new tape out and an October tour, hopefully somewhere near you. If not, then watch the music video, download this one for FREE, and when that tape surfaces BUY IT.


06 September 2011


Got word of this awesome 7'' from Jason at 7inches, a real muso from Brooklyn, NY. Jason runs that rad blog and is starting his own label - Sweaters and Pearls. As I understand it's going to primarily pump out 7'' goodies for your ears and your collections. His first release ( a collaborative effort with Velocity of Sound ) is a stellar split featuring The Super Vacations and The Ceiling Stares. The Super Vacations unfortunately don't have a bandcamp, they still live in the MySpace world. But you can check out their tumblr and find a handful of tracks that are streaming. Anyhow, these dudes rock it pretty well. Their first track on this split 7'' is titled Controller. It's a great combination of surf, rock 'n' roll, and grunge that all of those failed 90s bands wish they could have sounded like. Their second track, Hexing, is fantastic as well. It hits a little harder but has the same moving feel with pounding drums, and rippin' rhythm riffs, and string lickin' leads.



The Ceiling Stares, are a group of 5 cool cats from Pittsburgh who generally bring grungey psychedelic tunes to the table. They are a clean and tight knit group of kids who will run circles around your band, unless you have been featured on this blog. They even have a bandcamp where you can check out their self-titled release where this song came from! Gotta love that! Their track on this 7'' is titled A Tunnel Through the Air. This song starts with a catchy lead riff that brings you, the listener, into their chanting grunge and rock and roll influenced sound; a great B-side to this 7'' that you WILL buy.


All in all, this release should put you back into the good ol' 90s and on the set of Pete and Pete dancing with Danny Tamberelli - forget the other Pete, he wasn't as precocious and wild; what a square. Need something to celebrate the end of a season and the beginning of a new? GET IT AT SWEATERS AND PEARLS! (he would like your monies so he can continue to bring us new releases - like his next one comin' out w/ FAT HISTORY MONTH!)



Got these guys in the inbox a bit ago; thought they were buzzworthy.

Otro Mundo (Spanish for another world) is from Tempe, Arizona home of the Sun Devils and an eclectic weirdo music community...that is probably better than yours. Anyhow, these gents are a spacey four piece that bring some eclectic influences (such as Sonic Youth, and Husker Du) into their tunes. Their cassette, which just released a bit ago under Ascetic House. They haven't taken advantage of one of those helpful streaming audio sites for musicians, but you can take a listen to the title track of their cassette on that embedded YouTube video. Combining their multiple band powers, like the kids did with their rings in Captain Planet, Otro Mundo is following an idea that my band and many other bands follow. It's like that movie with Haley Joel Osment when he was actually making money in film because people thought he was cute, except it's with bands; Every member of every band should have at least one other project, thus creating four bands from a four piece band. Take a lesson from these boys and do the same. And speaking of other bands, Otro Mundo is going to be on a nice little winter tour! Check 'em out in a city near you!

Take a listen to the appropriately titled title track 'Jellied' and then get that free download, or order their cassette by sending a friendly e-mail and a few bucks! For those of you not born in the 90s, this should bring back some memories of when grunge was on top and the soundtrack for all the DIY skateboarding films.


27 August 2011


The Pupils, are a downright nasty garage three piece that do it like it should be done. Straight from that oh so romantic France, these teens (yes, teens) shred some hard 1970s influence punk garage rock and roll. Similar to The Saints, raw like the Stooges, and catchy like to the Stones, these boys have put together ten slammin' tracks at the beginning of the summer and they could probably milk these tunes for another summer to come (though we'd like to see more!). And if you checked out DEAD FARMERS, then this should be right up your alley! There isn't much yet to discover about these three rag tag rockers; a myspace page, a page to their label, and a couple little OOOOs and AHHHHs here and there. After seeing some of their live footage, it seems as though they need to coordinate with their choreographer soon, though let's not forget that these kids have plenty of time to work up a stellar stage presence for their stellar stage sound. Listen to them, and love them! We might get you a leak soon, if you are lucky and say please. And if you're in France sometime, look for a show, if not, give them some of your money. If I had any, I would.


26 August 2011


Here's some more garage/blues for ya! WHITE MYSTERY is a rockin' brother/sister duo from Chicago, Illinois - home of Bozo the Clown. They put out a mean and nasty full sound, despite their lack of any bass rhythm. This release, Blood and Venom (04/20/2011), is their second go and you can see why they were voted The Best New Band in Illinois by the Boston Phoenix. They're heavy, noisy, loud, and have a cassette (through Burger) release show tomorrow at Burger Records! If you are in the area, go and buy the cassette or their LP. If you aren't in the area, then you can surely click a few buttons here and there and make a cassette or LP appear at your door in just a few days. Check 'em out.



The Trash is a rockin' four piece from Hamburg, DE. Their songs are giant tracks that showcase their rock and roll hearts. Full of angst and sorrow; yet upbeat and moving, The Trash will surprise you with their blues rock sound - and you thought the White Stripes rock? Slipping in elements of punk and garage these gents have shown their understanding of alcohol, cigarettes, black leather, dark shades, and unkempt hair. Broken Glas Records, of the same town, put out their tunes, so check that out as well. These 5 short and sweet tracks came out just a few months ago and the band has a couple new members, so we may be in for something new soon - keep your eyes peeled and DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE.



Michigan's 4-piece, BAD INDIANS, put out another cassette earlier this summer, NOT HAVING ANY FUN. If you don't remember who they are, check out their other cassette HERE. This release is no less spectacular than anything this band has put out to date. Their ability to create great garage/psych rock and roll is consistent; they fail to disappoint. NOT HAVING ANY FUN is full of twists and shouts that will take you to an era when garage rock was it - one right after the other. If you ever find yourself at a BAD INDIANS show and you don't leave sweaty,  tired, and...let's throw in..smelling like beer, then you obviously have done something wrong. It's an awesome feel for the dwindling second half of the summer. If you have the cash, it's suggested that you buy the cassette, if you don't then you should just listen to this over and over because it'll make the band feel warmer inside...right there...yep...On another note, there is a FREE DOWNLOAD!



21 August 2011


Just found NOHOPEKIDS through...let's say a mutual musical taste. These three gentlemen, from Hungary, have brought some gnarly noisy surfin' 'tude to the wonderful world of the internet. Releasing bits and pieces since December 2010 through DIY bedroom recordings, they now have an EP - NOHOPEKIDS EP- and a nice collection for your listening pleasure. This release begins with a nice lil' diddy Lone Surfer pt. 1. It's an instrumental track and if you're paying any attention you'll notice this band is two guitars and a drummer - no bass. Track number two, Fuzzin' Around, also brings you into a great fuzz'd out surf daze. With their two guitar style, and heavy reverb/strong snare drumming, it's easy to see some J&MC or Woven Bones influence. The two tracks following are real nice foot stompers that'll get those toes a movin'. Did we forget to mention that these cats are also singing in english? Track number 5, Coward Cowboy ft Piresian Beach, has got to be the crowd favourite - it's a groovy early blues garage psychedelic tune that slows down the EP right in the middle...just so they can pick it back up with a distorted riff heavy instrumental that has a killer title - Fuzzocalypse vs. Mechagodzilla. And as planned?, the album does a bit of a switch-eroo and the mood follows in reverse and the EP ends with Lone Surfer pt 2. It's great to see the garage spirit alive and still panning across the world - we've seen in in Central and South America, and  the UK...now Hungary! Follow that link down there on the bottom of the post and download this brilliant garage/party punk/surf album for FREE!

After, this little write up was posted, we were informed that NOHOPEKIDS is just one kids doin' some sweet garage. And that picture down there is not band mates, but just good buds. In any case, enjoy the tunes!


20 August 2011


Here's another BEACH BABE band. Though, this time around it's just BEACH BABES (the previous band probably got pissed that this name was taken) and they aren't your typical surf tunes. This three piece, from  Asheville, NC are loud and heavy enough to pierce an eardrum. BEACH BABES puts down some hardcore/grind noise and not one song reaches over two and a half minutes. There nine-track release, titled The Great Wall of China, is filled with screeches, yells, shouts, transitional songs, and the occasional sample; making for an interesting audio experience. Beware, this is not a release for the easy-listener. Download The Great Wall of China for the wonderful price of NAME YOUR PRICE. If you're kind, leave 'em a few dollars - writing and recording music is not free.


18 August 2011


Despite how the whole beach party theme is DEAD, there are a number of beach bands still makin' tunes. This band, BABES ON THE BEACH, howber, is better than your beach band. BABES ON THE BEACH, a retired four piece from Canada (Is it true that the Canadian scene is better than ours? Yes, it is true.) whip out some groobing sing-a-long surf influenced punk/rock that will sure remind you of some of the work your local punk band does, or a little bit of what the Black Lips or No Bunny does...or rather, a lot of the stuff put out by the stellar Burger Records. So, for some rad blues/surf/party punk download this s/t? release by BABES ON THE BEACH. And if the beach thing is just too dead for you, then pretend you are being ironic, you dick! DOWNLOAD IT FO' FREE!!!!!!!!!!



Despite how COSMONAUTS are my (the first time I have made this blog personal) favourite band, I have yet to support you - the reader and listener - with any write-ups or leaks. Well, we aren't going to get into the leak factory just yet, because today is about a new release these guys are comin' out with under BAD AFRO. The title of the 7'' is still on the drawing board, but the tunes are available now! I saw this band of O.C boys come through my art-free and clean downtown just last summer - shortly after the release of their s/t cassette - and if i would have worn socks they would have been blown off.  After a stellar debut and an equally awesome follow-up, these gents are at it again! Side one of this little gem contains in its little grooves, Emerald Green. It starts off with a great little surf lick and then is quickly accompanied by the remaining members of the band to create an intro that builds great anticipation for a chilling and stomping anthem filled with a moving melody supported by strong back bones (the bass and drums, in case you didn't know) and haunted by, now familiar, distant reverb drown'd vocals.  The second track, Motorcyle One, is a great b-side. It compliments Emerald Green in the best fashion. Again, we the audio-audience will find our brains overloaded with fantastic psych/punk goodness. their song writing ability isn't that bad either. Composing songs for full bands isn't all that easy, and to create consistent sound within each album isn't any easier. Cosmonauts are making great progress in their musical careers, and hopefully we can all get the pleasure of seeing them in an art space or venue soon. For now, check out their newly acquired bandcamp (awesome points right there) and listen to their great music. Though, you won't find their full s/t up there...oh well. LISTEN TO THEM!..we'll get a leak later.



With some howls and screeches, High Arctic makes there way to the blog. This three, sometimes four, piece from Canada slings around some psychedelic, artsy, chunky, slow, and heavy tracks. Their latest release, Man Hair, is pretty damn gnarly. The first handful of tracks are like a heavy rockabilly version of Kinski - a bit jammy with some stoner vocals - that might remind you of Isaac Brock - matched with wild noisy fuzz'd out guitar work (Our front-man, much like the lead for BLEACHEDBLONDE seems to be the bands noise machine; a great role in any band), and the occasional math-rock breakdown. The second half of the Man Hair falls a bit more into the ambient/noisy/experimental realm, has a cameo by an un-named clarinet, and ends with some droning acoustic work that will probably put you into some sort of trance, making you forget you were listening to music at all. They have a myspace, a facebook, a live video, and of course a bandcamp. Check them out on your favorite social network, look for them at an art space near you, and download their music....that's right...FOR FREE!



17 August 2011


Rayon Moon, a four piece from Melbourne, Australia, just put out this release earlier this month. To create their DIY version of post-contemporary rock and roll, these fellas (Marc, Jordan, Ben, Gene) recorded the album here and there - garages and living rooms - and mixed the stylings of a number of rockin' infulences (The Stooges, Talking Heads, The 13th Floor Elevators..etc etc) to create an excellent weirdo-punk/surf/garage sound. Rayon Moon has some slick surf licks and toe-shaking beats covered with prominent I-don't-give-a-shit-this-is-rock-and-roll vocals. AAAAAAnnnnnd, with the title Rayon Moon I there is bond to be a Rayon Moon II. Oh, and here's another great thing about this band; THEIR MUSIC IS FREE! GET IT!

Check out that ass grabbin' and strippin'. DIE POP is gettin' a little soft-core.


16 August 2011


If you have been following the garage resurgence (though, it's always around) in the past few years then it is certain you have heard a thing or two from Mikal Cronin. Having done work with the Moonhearts and with Ty Segall, Cronin recently started putting out some work under his own name. This release (the two demos that are available through his bandcamp)was produced by Ty Segall on Trouble In Mind Records,and is much like his last 7''; it oozes with some excellent 60s infuenced rhythms, grooves, and ooooos and ahhhhhhs. Though it's on the lighter side of the music spectrum it's a fantastic listen. Couldn't find a leak, yet...it's probably out there, you just need to look harder than we did. This release also has special cameos by Ty Segall, Charlie Moonheart, and John Dwyer! Take a listen! AAAAAANNNND, if you don't want to download each song individually, because it's a huge pain in the ass to do that, then click on that mediafire DOWNLOAD link and it'll be easy as one click, two click, red click, blue click.

[FULL DOWNLOAD] Get it before it's removed!

25 July 2011


X-Ray Fiends are a great three piece from Auckland. In great fashion they (Kieran Ruffles, Antony Pike, and Callum Rooney) have fused together some electrifying surfin' guitar and some oh so psychedelic bass grooves all on top of some slammin' beats. It's easy to hear influences of Link Wray or Dick Dale, The Stooges, and a new favourite among a lot of us - Wooden Shjips (check out their facebook, and you'll see these influences too). Right now, they have two releases out, both released this Summer Season. The first, simply titled DEMO, is a lo-fi raw collection of four songs geared to make you move. Their second, Tsunami EP which was  released just yesterday, is a most fitting sequel and was recorded live. Tight knit live recordings are what we die for! Give these guys a listen and download their demo for FREE and donate a buck to get their equally awesome EP. And if you happen to be anywhere near Auckland, give them your eyes and ears and maybe a few bucks.


17 July 2011


Saw this one on Ongakubaka and needed to share it with you.

PSYCHICH BLOOD is a three piece from  Holyoke who used to be called The Deceivers - which is better? These guys mix up some gnarly moving noisey post-punk space grunge that is a little reminiscent of WIDDERSHINS . Their tumblr has all sorts of neat pictures and little news feeds about what they have been doing all summer, and to put it in a nut shell: They released a demo cassette titled Leaves -it features four songs (available through e.mail and as one would assume, a paypal contribution), are currently waiting for the pressing of a 7'' titled STRAIN and will be recording for a full length LP at the end of their summer tour. Again, soundcloud isn't as awesome as other music hosting sites; but you can snag a listen to the tunes from their awaited 7'' and they will drift you into a celestial atmosphere - though no worries, you will escape when the songs are through. They also have a complete stream of their cassette demo Leaves up on soundcloud. If their live performance is anything like the recorded (let's hope that the recorded is a live recording, sounds as though it could be) then you should be in for a pretty good show. Check out their tumblr to see when they are in a city near you, and download their music FOR FREE!









PART ONE : The Demon Beat, a three piece band from West Virginia, have been steadily putting out tunes since oh seven and have kept it consistently produced. Their sound - a breed of raw blues, rock, and stoner jam session -  seems to be progressively been leaning towards the indie side of the spectrum; the genre, not the DIY definition that leaves it's artists feeling stronger and more able'd because of their disassociation with the corporate music industry. So, here are some of their earlier more heart-felt and hungry tunes on their selt-titled EP (their second release). The opening track Bad Man is heavily blues influenced and will get a toe or two tappin'...in fact the entire album's feel is established through the first track - you'll get some slower portions in which their front man laments about women and various problems that were established as general musician problems during the emergence of blues and roots music. Then you'll get some Stevie Ray Vaughan - esque riffs thrown here and there along with some cooler riffs that don't make you feel like you are watching a cover band at a bar full o' douchebags. Take a listen to this EP and get it for FREE/name your price!

PART TWO: The Demon Beat, as described above, put out a split release with Caustic Eye Productions and Bud Carroll & The Southern Souls and it is believed that you may find this set of recordings (November 2009) to be better than the self-titled EP above. These songs can be found on their release 'Shit, We're 23' (we all know how much that really does suck) and you may find this release to be a bit more rockin' and raw - though still blues influenced. Download their two tracks from their split for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And you can buy the album these tracks are featured on at their bandcamp.


08 July 2011


The Sinbusters have been up here before, and we wanted to get you a listen to their second full length before it went on sale, but that didn't happen....oh well...forgetful minds. Well, these kids (who are like the cousins twice removed of the children that Thee Oh Sees and The Stooges had, despite the fact they are from different eras, age is justa numba babeh) are back with a most excellent sequel to their hard hitting, loud, and upbeat garage/punk. Remember how your grandmother listened to Buddy Holly? Take that and speed 'er up by a handful of BPMs, put in some feedback, drown those lyrics and throw 'em in the background, get your feet moving, and you got The Sinbusters.  Here's another perk to this release, all songs are under 2:15; perfect for a lively crowd with short attention spans and bursts of energy to expel. Though you aren't going to get this one for free, 4.99 is not a bad price for raw rock and roll energy! Plus these guys tour often; no reason not to support their efforts. BUY IT! LOOK FOR A LEAK! GET IT!



Here's one you may have seen on a blog near you and here it is again. Catholic Spray, a four piece, from Paris France have got a great garage sound. At moments you may find that the reverb and delay on the vocals is a smidge too thick , but they have a consistent sound. Their guitar work, simple rhythms, and ooooohs 'n' aaaaaaaaaaahs show heavy influence from classic surf/trash/weirdo punk artists, as well as some contemporary favourites like Ty Segall. If you could understand what was being sang, you'd probably sing along, so instead just move your mouth and pretend like you listened to them before they existed. And for you true collectors, you can find their split cassette with Zyklon Beach at 7inchalla. It's suggested you buy it, but if you are cheap...or poor for that matter, then get their side of the split for FREE! Catholic Spray also has a handful of music videos hangin' around the web, and you should find them, then watch them and listen to them and love them and tell you friends about them and go to a show to see them.


06 July 2011


Despite how we all know that SoundCloud kind of blows, it is no reason to hide this amazing local three piece from you. Knife Fight; from Kerouac's Denver, CO (CLICHE HIPSTER FAG!), recently recorded at Wiener Demon Castle - the same castle that BLEACHEDBLONDE, The Lust-Cats of the Gutters, and The Conjugal Visits (who will meet the pages of this blog sooner than later and will be releasing a 7'' split with someone very special..hint hint) all recorded in. And in case you didn't know, and you didn't, Wiener Demon Castle is the ONLY place that worthy rock and roll in the Southern Colorado area should be recorded in.
Knife Fight, sharing their name with a few other bands...whoops, is comprised of brothers?...they sure do look alike...on guitar/vocals and drums, and the girl next door on bass. Having played a show with them, and having seen them on more than one occasion, these cats put on an excellent sweaty energy packed rabble rousing sing-a-long good time; if you don't take your soaked and salty shirt off at their show they sure will. Don't dismiss this gang of jean-vest punks, they aren't your average crusts who think they are musicians; these kids have some talent and heart. Their first track, 'my head is spinning,' is a metaphor for all sorts of great things! - A)drowning unexpectedly, though who really expects that? B) falling hard for that girl in gym class and not knowing how to deal with your horribly overwhelming hormones C) or being really drunk. Take your pick. Their next track, 'is this happening!?,' is a great follow up to the first track and continues whichever metaphorical path you chose, in fact, the third song does this as well. We just may have a concept EP on our hands here - being drunk and rocking and rolling. Through their catchy riffs, gang vocals, and contagious beats Knife Fight is bound to find your ears eventually...let's just hope they write some more tunes! PS If you find downloading individual songs and compiling them together to be a pain in the ass, then click that wonderful little DOWNLOAD link and get 'em all at once, compliments of DIE POP and of course without the permission of Knife Fight. GET IT FOR FREE! ENJOY IT! PPS These guys will be releasing some vinyl very soon! Look for it!

my head is spinning

is this happening!?

outta control


01 July 2011


Fun Guns is a three piece from Las Angeles, CA. They just self-released a 4-track EP demo (nothing as good as the DIY effort) and it's pretty slammin'. The first track, 'Swiftly, Idiot,' has a nice lazy surfin' blues feel with a familiar progression that you may or may not recognize from here or there. The next two tunes swing and groove with some classy 60s garage influence, but to be honest...song four - 'Calligraphy' - just might be a waste of 1:44 of listening experience; maybe it just doesn't belong on this release (four songs is A-OK) - you be the judge. These guys finish pretty strong with an oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing four chord slow jam. Also, as many of the artists featured here, Fun Guns has been gracious enough to let us have there blood, sweat, and tears for FREE. DOWNLOAD IT.

(LOOK! Some cute black kids with fancy fun confetti guns!)