01 December 2013


I saw Cosmonauts while they were on a Burger Tour in the summer of 2010. They came through and played in a small art space with Cum Stain and Nobunny - unless Nobunny was some other time and it was some other time because they played with Cum Stain and Audacity that night. Anyhow, there was a bit of an issue with our PA system and the gang more or less played without vocals. Despite the setback, Cosmonauts thoroughly impressed and are now my favourite band. I put up a 7" release of theirs a couple years ago and recently found that they have most of their discography up on bandcamp (minus some limited release comps, an Italian released 7'', and any other pre-signed material). So, let's take a look at their self-titled.

They released it with Burger (BRGR049) on a limited run of 250 red cassettes. I was lucky to snag one because the cassettes are long gone by now, but they did re-release on vinyl a year later - several different versions. A few of us were lucky enough to get it on 'Easter Egg Yellow.' This self-titled is one hell of a first cassette. It's hard to pin-point tracks of interest on albums that are so solid, but if you are pressed for time (these are full length songs ladies and gents) then check out Neon Kids, Dorothy, and Yer So Rad. Actually, if you are pressed for time then wait. This album should be listened to in its entirety. Cosmonauts will gladly drag you through ups and downs of psychedelia - upbeat hip shakers, downbeat droning trance, eastern inspired instrumentals, and lazy nearly-inaudible vocals. There may be many ways to play music but they make rock and roll the way it should be made. If this album isn't something you can dig on, then don't come back to this blog because you don't belong here.

The four men of Cosmonauts are some hard working cats and are always on tour. Check out their facebook for dates because I am sure you can find them in your area soon enough. Also check out all their stuff on bandcamp. You'll need to do some extra clicking to buy things and it is worth it. Listen and love it.



  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1o8k2kxznnjq8v7/Bongley_Dead_-_4_(2015).rar



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