06 June 2011


This may be a second too late, but here is a little something beautiful for your ears to munch on. Krang, a band with some guys from Canada (there's some good shit comin' from our friendly Northern neighbours), groove around on some spacey, transcendental, psych waves from a reality beyond your own. This psych four-some recently put out their first vinyl release on Mammoth Cave earlier this year - a cute little 7'' titled Speed of Tent. The record's first track, Speed of Tent, is a heavy droning force with fuzzed out bass, periodical screeching guitar handy work, and drowned vocals; it's like lighting up and dreaming underwater - a nice throwback without the circle of douche bags kicking around their boyfriend's scrotum filled with sand. The second track, Spirit Animal, begins with some clean guitar and tambourine making for a lighter introduction than the previous. Though, don't let that fool you into believing it's a light song because it eventually turns into a reel of voices of all the influential people in your life reverberating over the top of some waaaaah'd out riffs that are reminiscent of all the dark psych stoner bands you could ever think of.Check out Mammoth Cave  for this 7'', it is a must! And because there isn't an accessible leak.....let's make one! Remember, free music is great, but supporting the artists you dig is even greater. BUY IT.


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