01 July 2011


Fun Guns is a three piece from Las Angeles, CA. They just self-released a 4-track EP demo (nothing as good as the DIY effort) and it's pretty slammin'. The first track, 'Swiftly, Idiot,' has a nice lazy surfin' blues feel with a familiar progression that you may or may not recognize from here or there. The next two tunes swing and groove with some classy 60s garage influence, but to be honest...song four - 'Calligraphy' - just might be a waste of 1:44 of listening experience; maybe it just doesn't belong on this release (four songs is A-OK) - you be the judge. These guys finish pretty strong with an oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing four chord slow jam. Also, as many of the artists featured here, Fun Guns has been gracious enough to let us have there blood, sweat, and tears for FREE. DOWNLOAD IT.

(LOOK! Some cute black kids with fancy fun confetti guns!)


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