17 July 2011


PART ONE : The Demon Beat, a three piece band from West Virginia, have been steadily putting out tunes since oh seven and have kept it consistently produced. Their sound - a breed of raw blues, rock, and stoner jam session -  seems to be progressively been leaning towards the indie side of the spectrum; the genre, not the DIY definition that leaves it's artists feeling stronger and more able'd because of their disassociation with the corporate music industry. So, here are some of their earlier more heart-felt and hungry tunes on their selt-titled EP (their second release). The opening track Bad Man is heavily blues influenced and will get a toe or two tappin'...in fact the entire album's feel is established through the first track - you'll get some slower portions in which their front man laments about women and various problems that were established as general musician problems during the emergence of blues and roots music. Then you'll get some Stevie Ray Vaughan - esque riffs thrown here and there along with some cooler riffs that don't make you feel like you are watching a cover band at a bar full o' douchebags. Take a listen to this EP and get it for FREE/name your price!

PART TWO: The Demon Beat, as described above, put out a split release with Caustic Eye Productions and Bud Carroll & The Southern Souls and it is believed that you may find this set of recordings (November 2009) to be better than the self-titled EP above. These songs can be found on their release 'Shit, We're 23' (we all know how much that really does suck) and you may find this release to be a bit more rockin' and raw - though still blues influenced. Download their two tracks from their split for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And you can buy the album these tracks are featured on at their bandcamp.


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