06 July 2011


Despite how we all know that SoundCloud kind of blows, it is no reason to hide this amazing local three piece from you. Knife Fight; from Kerouac's Denver, CO (CLICHE HIPSTER FAG!), recently recorded at Wiener Demon Castle - the same castle that BLEACHEDBLONDE, The Lust-Cats of the Gutters, and The Conjugal Visits (who will meet the pages of this blog sooner than later and will be releasing a 7'' split with someone very special..hint hint) all recorded in. And in case you didn't know, and you didn't, Wiener Demon Castle is the ONLY place that worthy rock and roll in the Southern Colorado area should be recorded in.
Knife Fight, sharing their name with a few other bands...whoops, is comprised of brothers?...they sure do look alike...on guitar/vocals and drums, and the girl next door on bass. Having played a show with them, and having seen them on more than one occasion, these cats put on an excellent sweaty energy packed rabble rousing sing-a-long good time; if you don't take your soaked and salty shirt off at their show they sure will. Don't dismiss this gang of jean-vest punks, they aren't your average crusts who think they are musicians; these kids have some talent and heart. Their first track, 'my head is spinning,' is a metaphor for all sorts of great things! - A)drowning unexpectedly, though who really expects that? B) falling hard for that girl in gym class and not knowing how to deal with your horribly overwhelming hormones C) or being really drunk. Take your pick. Their next track, 'is this happening!?,' is a great follow up to the first track and continues whichever metaphorical path you chose, in fact, the third song does this as well. We just may have a concept EP on our hands here - being drunk and rocking and rolling. Through their catchy riffs, gang vocals, and contagious beats Knife Fight is bound to find your ears eventually...let's just hope they write some more tunes! PS If you find downloading individual songs and compiling them together to be a pain in the ass, then click that wonderful little DOWNLOAD link and get 'em all at once, compliments of DIE POP and of course without the permission of Knife Fight. GET IT FOR FREE! ENJOY IT! PPS These guys will be releasing some vinyl very soon! Look for it!

my head is spinning

is this happening!?

outta control


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