06 September 2011


Got word of this awesome 7'' from Jason at 7inches, a real muso from Brooklyn, NY. Jason runs that rad blog and is starting his own label - Sweaters and Pearls. As I understand it's going to primarily pump out 7'' goodies for your ears and your collections. His first release ( a collaborative effort with Velocity of Sound ) is a stellar split featuring The Super Vacations and The Ceiling Stares. The Super Vacations unfortunately don't have a bandcamp, they still live in the MySpace world. But you can check out their tumblr and find a handful of tracks that are streaming. Anyhow, these dudes rock it pretty well. Their first track on this split 7'' is titled Controller. It's a great combination of surf, rock 'n' roll, and grunge that all of those failed 90s bands wish they could have sounded like. Their second track, Hexing, is fantastic as well. It hits a little harder but has the same moving feel with pounding drums, and rippin' rhythm riffs, and string lickin' leads.



The Ceiling Stares, are a group of 5 cool cats from Pittsburgh who generally bring grungey psychedelic tunes to the table. They are a clean and tight knit group of kids who will run circles around your band, unless you have been featured on this blog. They even have a bandcamp where you can check out their self-titled release where this song came from! Gotta love that! Their track on this 7'' is titled A Tunnel Through the Air. This song starts with a catchy lead riff that brings you, the listener, into their chanting grunge and rock and roll influenced sound; a great B-side to this 7'' that you WILL buy.


All in all, this release should put you back into the good ol' 90s and on the set of Pete and Pete dancing with Danny Tamberelli - forget the other Pete, he wasn't as precocious and wild; what a square. Need something to celebrate the end of a season and the beginning of a new? GET IT AT SWEATERS AND PEARLS! (he would like your monies so he can continue to bring us new releases - like his next one comin' out w/ FAT HISTORY MONTH!)


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