06 September 2011


Got these guys in the inbox a bit ago; thought they were buzzworthy.

Otro Mundo (Spanish for another world) is from Tempe, Arizona home of the Sun Devils and an eclectic weirdo music community...that is probably better than yours. Anyhow, these gents are a spacey four piece that bring some eclectic influences (such as Sonic Youth, and Husker Du) into their tunes. Their cassette, which just released a bit ago under Ascetic House. They haven't taken advantage of one of those helpful streaming audio sites for musicians, but you can take a listen to the title track of their cassette on that embedded YouTube video. Combining their multiple band powers, like the kids did with their rings in Captain Planet, Otro Mundo is following an idea that my band and many other bands follow. It's like that movie with Haley Joel Osment when he was actually making money in film because people thought he was cute, except it's with bands; Every member of every band should have at least one other project, thus creating four bands from a four piece band. Take a lesson from these boys and do the same. And speaking of other bands, Otro Mundo is going to be on a nice little winter tour! Check 'em out in a city near you!

Take a listen to the appropriately titled title track 'Jellied' and then get that free download, or order their cassette by sending a friendly e-mail and a few bucks! For those of you not born in the 90s, this should bring back some memories of when grunge was on top and the soundtrack for all the DIY skateboarding films.


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