22 September 2011


Public Dims, a male 'n' female duo in crime from San Juan Capistrano, have a great psychedelic/western twang and swing about themselves and recently played with White Mystery (who I know you read about just the other while ago) at one of your favourite record stores. Their simple rhythms, both drum and treble'd guitar, along with lazy woe-some vocals make for some catchy garage rock. Call it surfy, call it bluesy, call it country, call it what you will - this EP captures an essence of rock and roll...though some of you will be looking for that important driving low end; the last piece to make a power trio. If you need a super catchy tune to get you started, check out their fan-favourite, Lorimer - but stay away from Head Cold Letters - it unfortunately distracts from the gut wrenching melancholy psychedelia through out the rest of this release. But you should definitely take a listen to the entire album. It's not gonna hurt to take less than half an hour out of your day. These cats are working on a new tape out and an October tour, hopefully somewhere near you. If not, then watch the music video, download this one for FREE, and when that tape surfaces BUY IT.


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