14 October 2013


Ghost Wave, a four piece from Auckland, put out their debut full length - 'Ages' - in August of this year and you'd be lying to say it wasn't good. Depending on how hip you are you may or may not have heard of this one from the likes of Pitchfork and Vice - if you didn't then that is OK; you are not alone. Anyhow, these New Zealand musicians have been together for a few years and put together a self-titled EP (that you can find on their bandcamp) and this LP of ten easy tracks driven by a psychedelia that can identify through the decades of its history. One particularly drawing element is the large pull from rock and roll from about twenty years ago - the biting alt grunge and post-punk vibes that sit inside the first notes of the album to the last. But it would be insulting to try to pin the sound to a certain feeling from a certain era as Ghost Wave is mixing their sound with many different bits and pieces of rock and roll. For me, the points of interest lay within tracks one, two, four, and six (maybe eight, too).....shit, just listen to the entire album and you'll find out what works and where. It's heady, it's punchy, it's droning, and it definitely has a fuzzy face.

Also, check out this little video if you want to know what they look like when they play 'Here She Comes' and then you should go ahead and buy it if you want. Go.


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