13 October 2013


It's been too long since the last post and after a little facelift to the site and some time on the web I stumbled upon The Dandelion. The Dandelion, which may be the work of an individual musician, just released  'Strange Case of The Dandelion' a couple months ago. So right off the bat I think we can all see where this could be going - flower floating rhythms and fuzz'd vibes. To be honest, the intro to the opening track nearly had me going 'NEXT' (I'm not a fan of flute though I feel how a flute could add to make a rounded psychedelic sound) but I am glad I didn't. A few measures in when the song gets going it creates a layered nostalgia with simple bass and fuzz guitar lines on top of the unplugged sounds of acoustic guitar and flute. The songs moves on to live up to it's bandcamp tag 'paisley,' with hypnotic rhythms and ghostly vocals that fit together as timeless psychedelic puzzle pieces.

After paying more attention, turns out this six track bandcamp release is only a sample of a larger thirteen track album. I thought The Dandelion presented itself well through those six songs and there is no way one could go wrong with playing this album the next time a whole bunch of his/her quarter life hip kids came over to smoke cigarettes, snap phone photos (maybe one person will be cool enough to bring out a 35mm camera), drink, and do drugs. So, for five dollars and a few days patience, you could be prepared for that night - probably even before next weekend. Add 'Strange Case of The Dandelion' to your albums or at least dissect it for a mixtape.


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