14 October 2013


Although not the freshest piece in their arsenal, let's take a listen to the self-titled four track release by Uh Bones. This little goodie came out a bit over a year after their debut on facebook in 2011 (which, as you know, marks the birth of a band - that and the earliest release date on bandcamp). This three piece is currently rocking in the Chicago area and working on an LP to be released in the near future - duh. We might as well dive right on in with track number one, 'Amess'; if you carry any garage or psychedelic (god forbid psychedelic-garage) sensibilities you will immediately see the credibility of this band's sound. The song is an instant winner with repetitive high-mid guitar riffs and a low pulse'd bass line. The songs continue to follow suit with tight grooves wrapped around lazy and genuine vocals. If you are looking for something that takes root in yesterday (maybe today's yesterday or maybe 50-years-ago's yesterday) while still playing a part in our post-music era then look no further - it's right here. Even though we may not see Uh Bones putting out chart-topping-billboard-success-singles, the band knows what it is doing, how it wants to do it, and they sound great doing it.

I'll also put up this video the band has of a newer song of theirs - 'Drink to Sleep.' As the title suggests, the song is a bit dreamy and will get you in the mood to take off your socks, pour a drink, grab a woman, and dance on the kitchen floor smoking a filterless cigarette and waiting for the baby-making to happen.

The band is good, so if you like that 60s influenced blues-born garage noise then take a listen and maybe spend four bucks for four songs.


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