27 August 2011


The Pupils, are a downright nasty garage three piece that do it like it should be done. Straight from that oh so romantic France, these teens (yes, teens) shred some hard 1970s influence punk garage rock and roll. Similar to The Saints, raw like the Stooges, and catchy like to the Stones, these boys have put together ten slammin' tracks at the beginning of the summer and they could probably milk these tunes for another summer to come (though we'd like to see more!). And if you checked out DEAD FARMERS, then this should be right up your alley! There isn't much yet to discover about these three rag tag rockers; a myspace page, a page to their label, and a couple little OOOOs and AHHHHs here and there. After seeing some of their live footage, it seems as though they need to coordinate with their choreographer soon, though let's not forget that these kids have plenty of time to work up a stellar stage presence for their stellar stage sound. Listen to them, and love them! We might get you a leak soon, if you are lucky and say please. And if you're in France sometime, look for a show, if not, give them some of your money. If I had any, I would.


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