18 May 2011


Here is on that is unfortunately NOT FREE - not a good way to get your stuff out, is it? This band is called Widdershins but there isn't much more info besides taht they share that name with a handful of other artists. Regadless of how it ISN'T FREE, take a listen for a spacey grunge'd out travel to somewhere else, especially on a rainy day like today.  Wanderlust and Crystal Cave, the two tracks are completely instrumental and might hypnotize into an 80s arena rock, psychedelic, trance. At some point you may find yourself holding a lighter high in the sky pumping the other fist with long bleached hair and jean jacket, and at other points you will find yourself playing an early 90s racing video game on the Sega Genesis. Take a listen, but only here or on their bandcamp because THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE IT. (I'll get it to you soon, don't worry).


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  1. yup, this was when we started out without vocals and stuff! We have an album out now and new demo on bandcamp!
    if interested no problem sending links - widdershins.contact@gmail.com