28 November 2012


Welcome back. it has been a year, but we are not dead around here. To get things going, let's give a listen to BAD INDIANS. This is the third time BAD INDIANS has seen these pages and if your band consistently released good music then you would be here three times, too.

This four-piece from Michigan are putting out a new LP, yes vinyl, titled Are on the Other Side. It's just in time for your last purchase before 'The End of the World.' There are probably a dozen bands looking to cash in on this fantastic release date, but let's ignore them - right now they do not matter. This gang just shared a stage with Moon Duo two months ago. They must be doing something right.

BAD INDIANS are sticking around. Consistency is key key key to keeping fans - to being any sort of artist. Find what you do and do it well. Chiming in on yester-year's grooving sound, BAD INDIANS have found what they do and they are doing it well. Although the full release is not available for listening, the band put up a four song cock-tease. Probably at the request of CQ Records - it seems as though they hold the digital and maybe physical rights to this album. Oh, forgot to mention they are releasing on CQ Records - a nice little independent label in Austin, Texas. In this sneak peek of the upcoming psych garage album we start with Love and a Shovel. It's a familiar sound if you are familiar with BAD INDIANS. The drums are simple and sweet, the vocals a perfect amount whining treble and shake, the guitar tone as shaking and surfing as the vocals - also with nicely placed slick finger licks.  The song is pretty short so there is no fucking around. It's all the meat with the fat trimmed off. Wherever this song is on the album, it will surely fit as a solid 60s influenced (up to interpretation) rock and roll jam. To be completely honest, and that is in the job description (someone pay me), the second song on the preview doesn't get my gears greased. It seems a bit out of place in the four songs - it's a grunge-pop tune with prominent keys. It is also a short one and fortunate for some listeners. This song seems to say 'hi' instead of 'hey.' (Personal taste gets thrown in from time to time.) The third song, Darkside, is a gem without a doubt. It's a slow down ballad sort of beauty. During a live set we could see this in the middle or towards the end when the band's energy banks have been deposited on fans' faces in previous songs. The recorded version as a prediction, is a bit more enthusiastic, attentive, and full than one could imagine the sweat drenched live version is. And then the fourth track puts a nice little cap on things as it is an amalgamation of songs one and two, making it a nice round, maybe oval, preview of a nice janky record you can add to your collection three weeks from now.

Who knows how much of pre-album or album sales actually goes to BAD INDIANS but BUY THE RECORD and fork over a couple greenbacks for the 'name your price' preview. You're supporting someone who's working hard.

PS Word through the grapevine is that DIE POP is developing a new look. Check back later. It's sure to be a breath of fresh air for 2013.


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