26 August 2011


Michigan's 4-piece, BAD INDIANS, put out another cassette earlier this summer, NOT HAVING ANY FUN. If you don't remember who they are, check out their other cassette HERE. This release is no less spectacular than anything this band has put out to date. Their ability to create great garage/psych rock and roll is consistent; they fail to disappoint. NOT HAVING ANY FUN is full of twists and shouts that will take you to an era when garage rock was it - one right after the other. If you ever find yourself at a BAD INDIANS show and you don't leave sweaty,  tired, and...let's throw in..smelling like beer, then you obviously have done something wrong. It's an awesome feel for the dwindling second half of the summer. If you have the cash, it's suggested that you buy the cassette, if you don't then you should just listen to this over and over because it'll make the band feel warmer inside...right there...yep...On another note, there is a FREE DOWNLOAD!



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