28 November 2011


So here is the moment some of you have been waiting for - The second DIE POP TAPES release! DPT-002 is a triple split cassette release with Colorado bands Royal Talons, Blighter, and BLEACHEDBLONDE. Royal Talons, featured here a handful of months ago, is a three-piece atmospheric sludge and doom band from Denver and their songs - nearly ten minutes a piece and the entire side A - are heavier than Rosie O'Donnell. They have put together some tunes to burn to, to drive to, and well...to fuck to. Seeing them live is also a great shoegazin' head-bangin' treat. Blighter, the first three tracks of side B, is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and this is their first time featured on DIE POP. A veteran presence in the Springs' scene, Blighter has finally pulled together some cash, popped in a studio, and released some decently recorded versions of a handful of their songs. Their tracks are a bit doomy, a bit sludgy, a bit jammy, a bit stoney, and a bit crusty. If you are down for anything relating to that, then we are sure that you will find Blighter's contribution to this split most excellent. Pulling the last leg of the track is the label's first band to release, BLEACHEDBLONDE. Despite the band's apathetic, loud, and trashy value of their first cassette, BLEACHEDBLONDE's  three tracks on this particular cassette lack a bit of luster. Though the bass lines are thick, the guitar riffs moving, and vocals full of hypnotic and absorbing noise, the drums are pushed back to a nearly inaudible volume and are very rudimentary. BLEACHEDBLONDE and DIE POP also have plans of a X-MAS split release with another Colorado Springs garage troupe, Cat Color - so if these tunes aren't hooking you, then wait for their redemption and new sound coming out in December. For all your true musos out there, if it not for BLEACHEDBLONDE, then get this one for Royal Talons and Blighter. It's a run of 150 and 6 USD; that includes international shipping! Use the bandcamp music player (located amongst these words) or our store to order. And for all you free loaders, did we mention there is a free download? Because there is.




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