18 May 2011


Sorry for the delay gang, the computer crashed and other things happened....bummer city. This one is for all the doomy stoners out there. Black Impala-a two piece from The United Kingdom-are fuzzy, brash, crude, and just downright heavy. The cover of their 'EP' might not be the blurriest or the most obscure, but uh, who gives a shit. These two gents put out an 'EP' early last month titled INK and it is angsty, broken, and heavier than the couple that John Goodman and Rosanne Barr made in that late 80s and early 90s tv show where they argued with each other and loved their family and had friends and had troublesome teenagers and had problems financially and then it was cancelled. Black Impala even put a little pre-meditated? maybe? improv song at the end - when you jam with someone for awhile you just start to learn each others next moves pretty well...that's all.  Check it out, it's FREEEEEEEEEE.


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