05 May 2011


The Sinbusters' 7 track album is titled justly - a prime blowout for sure.Their first track, I don't want to be a slave is a excellent opening that displays the band's high energy showmanship and raw power. And with tunes like these, there is no reason to be anyone's slave. It's apparent that we have here another band that is not in the market for marketing to the Bieber Fever crowd. Their second track, maybe some veteran angst or a genuine love for Baghdad, showcases some nice rockin' organ work by the fourth/fifth? member (sorry, keyboard is number four, unless it's a keyboard band. no hard feelings?). Then just when you think you have ran into a fast one trick pony, much like that one girl you fucked at the show you played at in that one city, The Sinbusters throw in a slower blues driven 3 and a half minute track that even your mom would like...it's gotta nice stoner-rific 20 second guitar solo about two minutes in, too. If the first half of the album is up your alley, then you are bound to dig the collective 23 minutes of rockin' riffs and howlin' yelps; rock and roll is alive in this album.


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