19 May 2011


Drink a bottle of cough syrup and light up before giving this one a listen. Royal Talons, a three piece from Denver Colorado, pour out thick and slimey doom and gloom that makes Seattle look like Arizona. So wear all of the black clothes you own, sit on your couch, close your eyes, and fly away. These gentleman just played with BLEACHEDBLONDE, The Conjugal Visits, and Knife Fight last Sunday and was it ever awesome. As these boys began their set, the tiny, dirty, glass shard abundant Cafe Carioca became packed with handfuls upon handfuls of Denver's finest boys and girls dry heaving in super slow motion or trying to give themselves head; in case you didn't know, that is a good thing and a compliment. Royal Talons are also on a Colorado comp-This Ain't No Cowtown-with all sorts of other musicians. You can check out that June 30th at Lost Lake. Because the bastards put their shit up all funky on bandcamp (probably due to the incredible length of each song), DIE POP has done you the pleasure of compiling them together and creating a nice little demo for you all to enjoy. The first track, the Scroll, begins with some flange'd out guitar, but do not put this one in the discard pile because at about the 2 minute mark life is given to the lonely guitar and it is accompanied by the other members. Then before you know it, you are stuck in an eight minute exploration of a fuzzy and heavy bass driven atmosphere. The second track (also the track featured on the comp), Robot Cities, will ring your ears for a solid nine minutes and it has some gnarly guitar work that begins 'round 4:45. Shark Skull, the next track, is an all around stellar representation of what May 21st might (more like might not) bring to the table; a sky melting earth shaking torrential apocalypse. The last two tracks, D-Day Spell and Western Path, continue the band's life-long-testimonial-style songs and put a larger emphasis on some poetic shouts of pain and loathing. Check 'em out, it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE





  1. I want to fuck these songs sooooo incredibly hard..

  2. Make sure not to wear a condom!