05 May 2011


This one may already be on a few playlists out there, though here she is again.

Crystal Swells, On this record label with this many people, quench a thirst that so many of you have for the resurgence of lo-fi beat-driven surfin' rock. Their first track, Mellow Californian, is anything but mellow. It's downright pounding and would probably stress out hoards of elderly. The second song is also worth mentioning, as Crystal Swells takes a little more accessible approach to some weirdo/punk handy work. With the title and song tempo combined, it's not hard to imagine some sort of stop-motion animation of a florescent green or magenta hair'ed tan skinned troll cruisin' around in Barbie's finest fiberglass corvette on an unsuccessful prowl for some easy troll babes. Now to skip to the title track - a dreamy peaked out 10 minute drone fest that will melt your ears, your brain, and your psyche depending on your intoxication - definitely a zoner. Crystal Swells sure do put together some swell lo-fi punky surf 'tude. Buy the digital tracks for 2 bucks (recommended) buy the cassette for 4 bucks (also, recommended) find the .zip (thrice recommended).



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