18 August 2011


Despite how COSMONAUTS are my (the first time I have made this blog personal) favourite band, I have yet to support you - the reader and listener - with any write-ups or leaks. Well, we aren't going to get into the leak factory just yet, because today is about a new release these guys are comin' out with under BAD AFRO. The title of the 7'' is still on the drawing board, but the tunes are available now! I saw this band of O.C boys come through my art-free and clean downtown just last summer - shortly after the release of their s/t cassette - and if i would have worn socks they would have been blown off.  After a stellar debut and an equally awesome follow-up, these gents are at it again! Side one of this little gem contains in its little grooves, Emerald Green. It starts off with a great little surf lick and then is quickly accompanied by the remaining members of the band to create an intro that builds great anticipation for a chilling and stomping anthem filled with a moving melody supported by strong back bones (the bass and drums, in case you didn't know) and haunted by, now familiar, distant reverb drown'd vocals.  The second track, Motorcyle One, is a great b-side. It compliments Emerald Green in the best fashion. Again, we the audio-audience will find our brains overloaded with fantastic psych/punk goodness. their song writing ability isn't that bad either. Composing songs for full bands isn't all that easy, and to create consistent sound within each album isn't any easier. Cosmonauts are making great progress in their musical careers, and hopefully we can all get the pleasure of seeing them in an art space or venue soon. For now, check out their newly acquired bandcamp (awesome points right there) and listen to their great music. Though, you won't find their full s/t up there...oh well. LISTEN TO THEM!..we'll get a leak later.


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