21 August 2011


Just found NOHOPEKIDS through...let's say a mutual musical taste. These three gentlemen, from Hungary, have brought some gnarly noisy surfin' 'tude to the wonderful world of the internet. Releasing bits and pieces since December 2010 through DIY bedroom recordings, they now have an EP - NOHOPEKIDS EP- and a nice collection for your listening pleasure. This release begins with a nice lil' diddy Lone Surfer pt. 1. It's an instrumental track and if you're paying any attention you'll notice this band is two guitars and a drummer - no bass. Track number two, Fuzzin' Around, also brings you into a great fuzz'd out surf daze. With their two guitar style, and heavy reverb/strong snare drumming, it's easy to see some J&MC or Woven Bones influence. The two tracks following are real nice foot stompers that'll get those toes a movin'. Did we forget to mention that these cats are also singing in english? Track number 5, Coward Cowboy ft Piresian Beach, has got to be the crowd favourite - it's a groovy early blues garage psychedelic tune that slows down the EP right in the middle...just so they can pick it back up with a distorted riff heavy instrumental that has a killer title - Fuzzocalypse vs. Mechagodzilla. And as planned?, the album does a bit of a switch-eroo and the mood follows in reverse and the EP ends with Lone Surfer pt 2. It's great to see the garage spirit alive and still panning across the world - we've seen in in Central and South America, and  the UK...now Hungary! Follow that link down there on the bottom of the post and download this brilliant garage/party punk/surf album for FREE!

After, this little write up was posted, we were informed that NOHOPEKIDS is just one kids doin' some sweet garage. And that picture down there is not band mates, but just good buds. In any case, enjoy the tunes!


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  1. Hi!

    Nohopekids is only a one-man bedroom project (I'm the guy in the middle), so we're not a band, these guys are my friends. Anyway, thanks for the review!

    Peace! Zoli