18 August 2011


With some howls and screeches, High Arctic makes there way to the blog. This three, sometimes four, piece from Canada slings around some psychedelic, artsy, chunky, slow, and heavy tracks. Their latest release, Man Hair, is pretty damn gnarly. The first handful of tracks are like a heavy rockabilly version of Kinski - a bit jammy with some stoner vocals - that might remind you of Isaac Brock - matched with wild noisy fuzz'd out guitar work (Our front-man, much like the lead for BLEACHEDBLONDE seems to be the bands noise machine; a great role in any band), and the occasional math-rock breakdown. The second half of the Man Hair falls a bit more into the ambient/noisy/experimental realm, has a cameo by an un-named clarinet, and ends with some droning acoustic work that will probably put you into some sort of trance, making you forget you were listening to music at all. They have a myspace, a facebook, a live video, and of course a bandcamp. Check them out on your favorite social network, look for them at an art space near you, and download their music....that's right...FOR FREE!



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  1. thanks a bunch for the review! We had no idea it existed till a couple of minutes ago!Cheers!