26 February 2011


In a time where smoking herb and riding the a-train are as regular as a cup of coffee BAND INDIANS is quintessential. Unfortunately, now a cup of coffee is as regular as a cup of coffee. BAD INDIANS, the four piece garage/psych/noise band from Michigan (Yes, it seems as though American Natives and the state of Michigan seem to be a popular theme here. I guess Michigan knows how to rock and roll; we might take that as an ...insult? Nah, it just means Michigan is cooler than you are), are a busy little band and have put out a handful of releases in the last five years. Like most bands, their earlier releases seem to tower in creativity and  raw genuine psychedelia, though of course, any muso would tell you that. The first release found on the web, LIVE FROM THE BURIAL MOUND (2009), is a spectacular force of noise and garage energy that was recorded on a cassette 4track in a basement, it creates a fantastic blend of the best (and only) qualities of drone, the nonchalance of underground rock and roll, all in a clever little Native theme. SOUNDS FROM THE BIG ROOM, the band's most recent release--literally 7 days ago--continues to build upon the their throwback tribute to a day when rock and roll was on top of the world. Though the BAD INDIANS have graduated to a more polished approach to their recording, it does not take from their art. In fact, SOUNDS FROM THE BIG ROOM creates the feeling of accidentally walking into a hazed-out room at a party circa 1960s when you were looking for the bathroom, but then decided to stay because the kids in that room are far too intimidating to leave, yet not intimidating enough to force you out. So you stay, burn a few, and plan a cross-continental motorcycle trip with your new friends and learn the harmonica. Check out the discography, WHEN you want this music in your possession buying physical copies of any release is as simple as shooting them a friendly e.mail, otherwise spend a few less sheckles and get the mp3s available on bandcamp.



  1. thanks so much for the review! our email's actually baadindians@gmail.com

  2. No sweat, thanks for checking it out!
    I got right on top of that change there, sorry.

  3. Awesome review. One of my favorite bands ever.