24 February 2011


In a classic fashion, WILD INJUNS have found a place on this fuzzed out shelf. Initially FROM THE SUN, WILD INJUNS burn a harmonious cry-baby-I-don't-care-I'm fucking-lazy-pout into the ear's pallet (metaphorically). Yes, harmonious. This 3 piece sound slings around some seductive trashy garage tunes. If you can't imagine it and just can't bring yourself to clicking on the iconic sideways triangle to the left, then picture your three year old cousin running circles around you and singing a taunting little diddy because you don't care enough to stop them from wasting all of their energy on a menial task. The band's front-man (another mysterious fucking band. You'd think that you'd give a little information in case someone wanted to write about you.) starts the release with a b grade horrorfilm scream, and continues to scatter his yelps and yips throughout the 7 tracks. The delay and echo in the second track, 'Dance With Me,' sends listeners to either a time when they themselves had a little pink or green echo microphone, or to a magical 50s high school dance underwater. In fact, the general attitude of WILD INJUNS - WILD INJUNS puts its audience in a greased-up hall with dirty floors, poodle skirts, and ducktail slicks; that is until you reach "OH Sophia." The mood changes from a sensible drunken time at the dirty-sock hop, to a grungy mod BYOB warehouse party where horizontal stripes and leather ankle boots become a blur across the beer, blood, and sweat stained cement floor.

PS The band has two separate uploads of this release, one at
another at