28 February 2011


VOYAGEURS; a three piece from Fayetteville, AR, are a current new crush. Having put out a few releases, all for FREE mind you, it's interesting to see the sort of lo-fi treasures this band is continually sharing with the world. Today we dive into their psychedelic space adventure titled NUDE VEGAS. This release starts, as though it seems, in mid song (thanks to a little post production magic) and though brash and crass, it slightly eases its audience into the pounding bass line and the noisy experimental guitar riffs. VOYAGEURS instantly bring a drugged-out psychedelic party to your brain, complete with hallucinations. Track after track; these three gentlemen lash out loud tunes that fit a mood/feeling that can be best described as a dreamy acceptance of the end of the world. Drowned-out in reverb and delicious feedback, this release will make anyone drool. How dangerous is it to create 7 tracks of epic livelihood and death slammed together like some sort of mutant created out of the green ooze from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.....not very. Take yourself back a handful of decades and enjoy this band's celestial journey through your mind. After taking a look at their latest single-track release (ENVY IS INEVITABLE) and that green youtube video , it is sure that the direction this band is going is more than stellar.



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