21 February 2011


The 'Do America EP' (No, not like Bevis and Butthead, but just as cool) by The Sunburns, Johhny-Brent-Dillion-Douglas from the ooo ahhhh and eyyyy Michigan, is a solid piece of rock and roll. The band opens up with a rockin' surf song titled 'I Went to Jail' and follow with a familiar-esque melodramatic-like greaser staple that makes you feel nostalgic for no good reason at all, except that you can. The band then ends with a magical horror piece that is sure to get you lusting for those around you. Mixing a rockabilly sense of a true art/50s sock-hop(rock and roll) with a comparatively-pure style of surf, The Sunburns ooze a nice little post punk surf sound that is sure to get a toe, foot, or body tapping. ...Then, the MySpace was found, and how 'bout that, the band classifies their genre as garage/surf. Not only have we nailed them, but this band has 10 friends and 367 plays--that means hurry up and like them before someone else does....that means it's not as cool...that means now. According to their awfully discreet internet life, it is believed that The Sunburns have only played one show...again, that is the word of the web. Their EP was released just a month ago; listen to it, love it, take your date to 'Look-out Point' to it...just don't pass out on a classic 13 minutes of rock and roll goodness.Check out their tunes on myspace or bandcamp....or on that nifty little bandcamp player (and for FREE), and listen to this contemporary rock-opera/anthem-etic EP during your everyday mediocre life...change it up a bit.



  1. YEaaaaaaaaaHHHHHH!!! This Sheeeeitttt is soooo fuckkkiinn Gooooooodddd!!!!!

  2. fucking awesome

  3. changed my life