14 February 2011


YVETTE, a New York two piece (Noah and Rick) out of Brooklyn--not to be confused with Essence Atkins' character on Disney's Smart Guy, will smash your ear drums. Reminiscent of HEALTH and math-rock BATTLES, these two bring on a wall of industrial pounding and droning sounds that hit at the core. Heavy with digital effects (though we here at DIE POP prefer analog--who doesn't?), YVETTE drown an unsuspecting audience with waves of echoing delay and reverb. Their chopped-up noise chants leave goosebumps at every beat. 'Vibrations,' the first track on the duo's self-titled 7'', is more than ace, it's ACE+. Turn it up and get lost in a sea of drone, but don't let your ears bleed, or tinnitus set in. These hard hitting men have gone DIY and self produced their 7''...so buy it. A digital version of their album is also available at the YVETTE bandcamp...so buy it.


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