28 February 2011


Though we've seen leaks and reviews of the Moonhearts' self-titled release all over the internet, it is time to see another. In the same fashion as so many before and after, Moonhearts (much like Jay Reatard or Ty Segall-Mike Cronin from Moonhearts did a little number with Ty Segall) cross-breed elements of folk, psychedelic, surf, power-chord progression, and the genuine natures of lo-fi recording to create a high energy crunchy rock and roll. With the average length of each song coming in at about 2 minutes and 45 seconds these new age garage masters(Not new age the genre), get straight to the point; it's time to move to some fuckin' rock and roll. With the vocals pushed back and covered in cassette-recorded beauty, the flawless and dirty guitar riffs and rhythms leave it impossible to stay still. There are some bands that are staring to defy the way garage rock should sound in this decade, and this is one of the bands. Though we all essentially understand garage and rock and roll as borrowed progressions and stolen riffs, there is a strong movement of appreciation for the rock and roll's beginnings and is soon enough going to be known to the MTV world as some sort of post-garage-rock-revival, and it's bands like the Moonhearts who will be leading this style of music to a wider audience, but by then it will all be way too "(INSTERT YEAR)" to think that it was cool, and we'll all be stroking some other band or genre. Nonetheless, we are in the now, and right now you should listen to Moonhearts--they are garage rock.

Moonhearts - Moonhearts (DOWNLOAD)
Charlie and the Moonhearts - Thunderbeast (DOWNLOAD)


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