21 February 2011


Let us dive a bit beeper this time around and get some minimalistic-old timey-garage rock-blues to your ears. Old Man and Girl, probably a two-piece and possibly consisting of a dude and a chick, come from Ohio. Which city? Probably a small underdeveloped rural area, music like this isn't going to leak from a big sophisticated metropolis. OMG (for short...ha) blend some tube driven-spring reverb-ed delta-style blues with easy 4/4 beats that rest inside a nice translucent frame made of sustained vocal delay. Though, 'EMPTY HOUSE EP' (the only thing on the web from OMG and the second 'Empty House EP' to be released by a band in 2011) rings in with an eight minute blues influenced noise jam, the EP is not limited to one fantastic track, the entire thing is garage/psych diamond. Not only is there noise, but it's good noise; really good noise. Reminiscent of late 60s and early 70s 'satan music' (damn Christians), throwback music-connoisseurs will find these 3 recordings easing analog pains deep in their hearts. Cross your fingers for some more developments from this band....like a full length, or a MySpace, or a facebook, or an e.mail address, or something.


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