25 March 2011


Birds of Maya in 102 words or less:

This loud psych/fuzz jam three piece from The City of Brotherly Love have three vinyl release with Holy Mountain. One of which was a three song double LP. And, apparently their release Volume One is really 'important' to the 'rock history' of Philadelphia .These gentleman like to drone out and get stoney, that's for sure. If the stone and drone don't draw you in, then the quality surely will. Throwing expensive microphones and metronome tracked recording rooms out the window, these three gentleman (and a fourth on last summer's tour) show some real grit and energy through their dirty noisy recordings. If you like to bleed from the ears, so many of us do, then do not turn it down and do not stop listening. The wonderful world of the internet  has also been gracious enough to lend you some videos and a FREE download.



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