10 March 2011


Though this post finds itself nearly a year too late...In a fit of rock and roll rage, Dead Farmers-a three piece band from Australia, throw around crass upbeat tracks that are pieced together with driving psychedelic bass, sustained fuzzed-out guitar riffs, high energy drumming, and dampened gang vocals all layered to magically manifest aviators, sideburns and a 'stache on your face within seconds of hearing it. Dead Farmers put out like, as so many have written,  The Stooges (pre Iggy Pop) but crunchier, faster, and without out the pressures of poster-child-dom and money-hungry studio producers breathing down their neck; plus Dead Farmers sound better.

Apathetic to the idea of music that the Billboard's top charts brainwashes the public with, these groovin' dudes have painstakingly arranged 'Go Home,' 10 tracks of lo-fi art that times in at one song (two songs in their case) short of half an hour of pure arousal and is arguably a perfect set. The album starts with 'Can't Come', a familiar, yet completely foreign four chord progression that occasionally branches off into short bursts of trashy noise guitar that do not represent an inability to climax (as the songs title may suggest) but rather an everlasting feel good desire that aches to be long, rhythmic, and satisfyingly powerful. The pulse of the first 4 songs creates a frantic and polished sound that is distinguished by an emotion that can only be delivered simultaneously with the music; by years of failed attempts at assembling the correct combination of talent and dedication; by misunderstood appreciations for raw and dirty nights of striking out and having the lasting image of layers of stickers belonging to never-will-bees and has-beens, and 30-second permanent marker graffiti tags as your last memory before loosing your guts in the piss stained urinal at the shithole you just played at; by long nights in a small room sweating rivers of blood and sloppy chord transitions. The rest of the album falls in pace with the extraordinary introductory tracks, making 'Go Home' an album that belongs in all our collections. Unfortunately, for a band that has restraining orders against them (for reasons that you'll need to find yourself) their youtube video is not dressed to impress, the boys lack energy!!! Nonetheless, listen.



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