31 March 2011


Blanche Devereaux is another band without any contact information. Besides that they share a name with at least two other bands and a character from Golden Girls, not much is available. They are Dan Kurc and Greg Pothier. It's pretty apparent that these boys like some loud lo-fi tunes - their music reflects their taste. The first two tracks on their FREE release Siamese Twins (gotta love free, it's sooooo good) are perfect four minutes and 57 seconds. However, the third track Never Want to Know is a bit mediocre. Its reminiscent of Adam Sandler doing his crybaby-my-girl-dumped-me song in that one movie of his where he tries to get a girl and then does - the song is a little on the sappy cliche doo-wop side of the spectrum. Though, the band happens to sandwich this 'skip' between four great tracks, so we'll forgive them this time around. Siamese Twins has definitely clinched their spot as the last entry of the month. And as a little bonus for you, here is twenty five seconds of Blanche Devereaux!




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