23 March 2011


Saw this band was coming to a city nearby and if you happen to be in Boulder, CO this weekend, you should check out ASTROLAND on Saturday the 26th (Doing anything better on this Saturday night?) and let this band stroke your mind. Night Beats; from the pretentious and caffeinated Seattle, WA, have found a place here in this blog-- at the top of this page even. Scored their 7'' from a nifty little link (as should you, then you should buy the 7'') and though it's only four songs, duh...it's a 7'', it is definitely one to add to the collection.  H Bomb starts off with the title track and it's nearly perfect. To you, the audience who has yet to hear this band, beware; you may instantly have found your new favourite band. The first track displays what the rest of the others have--the perfect elements that you need for a spectacular psychedelic auditory experience: drenched vocals, a dripping reverb'd fuzz lead guitar, and moaning wails of a psychedelic dreamer. The only beef with this 7'', is that the third song They Came in Through the Window is remarkably similar to the title track, but don't hold it against them. This sort of thing is probably because they were looking for four of their best songs to showcase their talent, and two of the songs happen to be similar in song structure and progression, or maybe the the band is a one trick pony...with a pretty damn good trick.



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