25 March 2011


The Drug Purse; definitely on drugs. This post-mod/art/psych four piece from Tacoma seize your mind and twist your gray matter onto a white paper stick and then serve you to children to be puked up later because the tilt-a-whirl was just too much whirl. These boys put together some grooving tunes that are definitely burn worthy - a blend of blues, garage and droney psych. Though it has been a few years since their first release, The Drug Purse EP, the band is still out and about accomplishing some thing; in fact, they made public a couple songs that will be put out on Wack Slacks Tapes. The site also says it's coming out soon. It's been about 6 months since that news was put out. How soon is soon? And unlike some of the other youtube footage on the blog, this one proves to be evidence that some bands DO move a little bit while they are on stage, but not enough to distract you from the necessary? obscure clothes the front man wears. We are hear and listening, no need to throw a tantrum.

Sorry, there is no promotional leak for this band...yet. For now check out their MySpace, last.fm and youtube videos.


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