04 March 2011


paper(the moniker of Ryan Robert Jacobs), is a from the glamorous and dehumanizing LA. Like so many other bands, paper put out a release on January 1st of this year, probably wishing to jump on some sort of second decade rock and roll era...at this moment they have managed to leak their music everywhere and have managed to get a write up or two here and there. Though the promise of instant fame and stardom with a New Year release has yet to set in for these gents, they did produce a nice sounding release. 'Endless Summer,' the ADHD influenced album, starts with a killer introductory track, revealing the short lo-fi crunch and reverb drowned sound that will accompany the rest of 'Endless Summer.' After continuing to listen to the remaining 12 minutes and 7 tracks(two of which were covers), it was decided that the band's merit will need to rest in their ability to create catchy noise/surf/blues/garage tunes for the sake of. The 'band' also put out a little avant-garde release in OCT 2010 titled 'pilot.' This release is a collection of music that was created by Mr. Jacobs All in all, paper is most definitely worth checking out. You can't talk shit about them if you never listened to them, so here is another FREE anthem for a 13 and 1/2 minute journey.



  1. kinda like "psychedelic papershit", I dig.

  2. Hey,
    I'm Ryan, and im the creator of paper actually, i totally appreciate the write up, and your enjoyment for my music.

    some info:
    paper is just me (ryan robert jacobs), i play drums, guitar, bass, and vocals
    Location is:Los Angeles/Orange County

    its funny i actually recorded the whole album in like 3 hours with little editing, and posted them online to show some friends, but ive been getting a lot of hits and writeups on it!

    anyways i plan on recording soon, and releasing a new casette, so please keep checking in on my page

    thanks alot, dig your blog!

    -ryan robert jacobs

    ps. oh and "pilot" is a compilations of rough recordings ive done over the years!:) thanks for mentioning

  3. Thank you so much for contacting me.
    Now that I have your info I'll edit your review a bit...let people know who you are and where you're coming from etc etc... It's a nice short little surf soundtrack for like
    a quick drive to the store or something.

    Are you going to be releasing the cassette yourself?

  4. no problem,
    thank you for doing a review on !
    yeah, i get bored is a song exceeds 2:30, so i try to make em short and sweet

    but yeah i am going to spend more time on my newer recordings now i that i know people actually listen to my crap,
    either ill release it myself or go in on a split and have small label put it out (probably come june), i'll keep you updated!

    take care, good luck on your quest to find bands to review!


    ps. how did u find my music?