11 March 2011


SNEAKPEEK is yet another mysterious band that seems to have manifested it's music from the thin air. Sooo...you will find this post to be slightly different than others. Considering that this band only puts up single song releases, DPT has taken the liberty of buying half of them, getting the others for free, and compiling them together to create a sort of demo. We'll just S/T it. SNEAKPEEK, a two piece? girl grunge/psych/garage band, out of someplace where the English language is spoken, is new to the whole interweb game and not having a soundcloud, a MySpace, a Facebook, a Reverbnation, or contact info(besides the contact link on the bandcamp) is hindering the band. Though, they could just be sitting back and looking for blogs about them, then revealing their self like it's some sort of magic trick (kinda like paper - Endless Summer...but it wasn't magic). Going back to their first release, WAYTOOMUCH, in December of 2010, you will find that the song is a trashy fuck you song, or a love song--they are both the same. Drowned in an echoing slime, the slow trance beat of the song brings you in for the first solid two or three minutes, then the band moves into a bit of a drone realm and sends the song into extra innings and rails the same progression into your ears over and over again. A month later (at least that's what the bandcamp says) this two piece, like SO MANY other bands, released an additional track on New Years Day...how fucking trendy. This track, WESTERN SKY, shows some production progression in comparison to their first single release, and though we will leave it up to you to decide whether or not the fuzz is paralleled, the chorused gang vocals are a nice touch to the continued droned out tunes. Probably in a decision to bring more of a genuine feeling to the music, SNEAKPEEK put out a third song and recorded it LIVE. MELANCHOLY HEART (LIVE) shortens up a bit, but keeps the same off key dual vocal harmony as seen before and what is seen in the most current release WALK ALL OVER ME (LIVE). This last 2 minutes and 50 seconds gets a little heavier than the other songs and it's apparent that this lady fronted band is in the works of creating some Vivian Girls style rock and roll, and not just because they both happen to be girl bands, but because they are pretty alright music to listen to. Listen in mono if you can, and turn it waaay up!





  1. whoa! I just saw Sneakpeek live last night, I guess it was their first performance...sounded great and heavy. They from echo park

  2. great tunes!