06 April 2011


Got an earful of these guys from a very reputable source. The explosive sounds that come from  this band could fit into any this or that, or here and there. Bloodhouse sounds like a three piece/two-guitar outfit, but how sure can one really be? What is sure, is the gorgeous amount of delay, reverb, and distortion on yet another sexy and heavy garage band. Despite the band's name, it is hard to imagine a large amount of violence associated with these guys - more like rock and roll. Bloodhouse ride on a line that so many other burgeoning 'underground' bands are capitalizing - a powerful and loud mix of barre-chord'd-droney-punchy-guitar-riffs, amateur-primitive/tribal drumming patterns (that just might be MIDI...but don't let anyone know that secret), and forward translucent vocals. Definitely on the lighter side of the gloom scale, Bloodhouse makes the ideas of noise, drone, and rock and roll more accessible for the crowd that just isn't that extreme. The album itself is pretty standard to awesome;  Digital Village - a great introduction to the 6 song S/T cassette (that you can grab on their bandcamp) sets the bar with some high energy rock that is followed by possibly the best track on the release, Grave Mind. (But where's the tube-driven overdrive?! It sounds so creamy that way.) This is definitely a choppy rock release that you SHOULD get and CAN get for FREE...but share the wealth.


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