29 April 2011


Dead City, a two piece from Brazil, rock and roll. They combine some western swingin' guitar and big beatin' backbone drummin' in some slammin' bluesy moaning garage rock tunes. If you ever had yo' baby left ya, then listen listen listen. Their first track, Derelicts, seeps 'dusty roads drifting from barn party to barn party crackin' rednecks in the head with a baseball bat' from it's pores. Dead City follow that track up with a short haunting rabble rousing highway cruiser that, at the very least, makes your toes tap. And if you think those two tracks are soething special, then the last two songs will blow your mind, actually, listen to those two songs first, actually, who cares what order you listen to them in. If you got some garage rockin' blues, Dead City will ache your pains. FREE DOWNLOAD - GET IT.


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