29 April 2011


Here's another bluesy-ish punky psych band - Lil Daggers. These Florida cats are releasing a full length LP, though today we are here to listen to their 7'' that is released? on Livid Records(maybe?) about nine months ago? There is some complication as to where their pressings are available....google it. Lil Daggers starts it off with the title track and it's a nice psych/surf sound with a touch of Brit-rock (that is of course arguable)....and actually, all of their tracks have a real nice grooving psychedelic touch to them. If high end guitar guitar work and solid rocking bass lines are your thing, then please please feel free to listen. The mediafire link doesn't belong to DIE POP, but we will sure share it with you, but you of course have to promise to buy the 7".



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