16 April 2011


MEEEEEEEEEEEEEow! Psychic feline, a three-piece from Portland (does Portland breed musicians? or do all you star struck white people just think they'll make it big there?) sway in some delightful psychedelic swings. Recorded nearly a year ago, 'Tape' - the four track digital and physical release begins with the powerful droning and moaning 'Little Boats' that shows its audience the haunting noises that are soon to ensue. 'Sharp Trash', the next track, is alive with a repetitive bass-y guitar rhythm and some loose blues-y finger work that brings you back 50 or so years. In fact, the entire release will bring you back to a flowery, groovy, and existential era. If any of you 2005 - 2009 'indie' hipsters are reading, you might find that Psychic Feline will remind you of some of the handy work done by Caribou...or for that matter, any other band 'indie' band that has psych influence - go for it, make a list. Be on the look out for additional stuff from these guys (facebook says a 7'' this summer!), it's been a year since the last one. AND if you are looking for a physical, shoot them an e-mail and they will send you one lickity-split.


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